Reach and exceeded my first weight loss goal, required by insurance needed to loose 26 lbs lost 31 lbs! I'm getting closer to my surgery.

Well went to my first Support Group. Met several Guy's, and learned alot. Was having a great day and then read a forum on BC/BS. Seemed like a lot of neg. about getting covered. I hope not.
These insurance co. have too much say in or health care, loose 10%, don't loose to much, jump up, sit down, roll over, no no just play dead but keep making the premiums. I guess just being impatient, but I'm so ready for this, tired of being sick and tired. Well I'll go have a little pity party and go to bed....

Well Debbie and I attended the Lunch Bunch today 02/09/08 at Scott and Beth's church. We had a great time it was a great event. Learned a lot, tried new food, healthier food.

It's been a while sense I updated this page so I guess let me bring you up to speed.
Had my rny surgery on April fools day 08' everything went smooth. I was up walking around the nurses station in 5 hrs after getting to my room.
Scott and Bamabob stopped by and checked on me as did Trina who with my wife Debbie picked on me (wouldn't have it any other way.)

Four weeks after WLS I went from Insulin injections, Cpap sleeping machine, Blood Pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, and a host of other medicines to nothing! Thats right nothing!!! BP normal, Blood Sugar normal! Everything NORMAL!!!
How great to be getting healthy again only taking a few vitamins and calcium!

May 14th Debbie bought me a bike, a beautiful Road Bike well I got home a couple days later and had this romantic idea of riding my bike several miles into the sunset. Well I hadn't been on a bike for probably 40 years and never one like this. So I loaded it up in the pick up and went to the Mall parking lot. After 1 mile it kicked my butt! I thought what did I get myself into???
Well being to proud to admit I couldn't do it I kept trying for the first week still trying to break one mile. Finally got use to riding it start getting a little distance.
I'm a over the road truck driver so I would take the bike with me on the road and try and stop each day and ride. Well one day I was stuck for a day at Lake Canandaigua, NY beautiful town very bike friendly well I rode 28 miles! 

On September 28th 08' I was in Boulder, CO. called my good friend Terry aka Boner who has been my biking inspiration, to see if we could get together for a little ride. Well Boner meets up with me and hands me a movie called "American Flyer" its about two brothers who enter a grueling bike competition called Hell of the Rockies.
He said your going to ride this route today! Me?? I just started riding! Me? Terry had more confidence in me then I did. The following is a Post Terry put on the OH Men's Forum:
Rocky Top "Rocks the Rockies" So I get a call fro Bob from TN. who was in Denver delivering a load on his truck. Bob wanted to go on a bike ride while he was in "mile high city."
I met him around noon and we took off to ride the famous Mogul to Bismark cycling loop which is one of the most popular routes for hard core bikers out here in Colorado. This loop was made famous back in the days of the Red Zingers and Coors Classic bike races which, at the time, was the largest professional cycling event in the US.
It was a glorious day for cycling, sunny skies, 80 degrees, minimal wind and freshly laid black top. We quickly rode the eight miles to the loop then the real fun started. The Mogul to Bismark is 20 miles long and has three stiff climbs: The Rollers, The Hump and last but not least the Wall. Needless to say, this ain't no easy stroll in the park ride.
Rocky Top kicked ass! He rode strong all afternoon and really dug deep to make it up the Wall. 35 lung searing miles in total. AWESOME. As a added benefit, he set his personal speed record of 48 mph.
We finished the day with some excellent BBQ at Brothers BBQ and a quality discussion on WLS.
It didn't hit me until the next day what I had really accomplished. When I use to go to Denver I need my inhaler just to walk around the truck now I'm biking up mountains!!! How sweet WLS surgery has been. To accomplish something like this two days before my 6 month surgery anniversary is well unbelievable!
I've learned WLS is a journey, a life long journey. It starts with finding the most qualified WLS Team, Following their directions, keeping a daily journal, staying active in a Support Group,Exercise and Learning to break years of bad habits and replacing them with good.
 Most of all surround yourself with good WLS friends who will hold you accountable and as my good friend BamaBob say' I'll put my number 12 size foot up your backside if you backslide.
I'm very fortunate to have several close friends here on OH. Dave the sign man we sat in his office both tired of being tired and decided to do something about it. We both had rny and have great success. At six months post op I'm 14 lbs below goal weight!!! Thanks Bama, Boner, David, Scott, Trina and Oh so many more. But most of all THANKS DR. WILLIAM O. RICHARDS and Team for giving me a chance for a healthy life! Vanderbilt Rocks!!!!! 

Oct. 3, 08 Went for my 6 months check up 157 lbs thats 11 lbs below goal weight my WLS Team at Vanderbilt was very excited with my progress and my enthusiasm for exercise and my new passion for bike riding. All my labs came back normal!

Oct. 4, 08 Yes just one day later while riding my bike I went to dodge a dead opossum and hit the curb and apparently went flying first on the pavement second in Vanderbilt's Life flight helicopter! Not my idea of a fun Saturday. The hit made have amnesia about the incident bruised knees bad concussion. But through all that some how saved the bike!

On Oct. 12, 08 I took the bike out and rode 13 miles still nursing my right knee. Saw the Doc on 10/13/08 she's sending me for another MRI but I believe the worst has passed. I've been hitting the gym with light weights and exercise. Should be fine...

Well Nov. 15, 08 Still loosing a little weight trying not to I'm 153 lbs increasing my calorie intake as suggested by my WLS Team, they don't want me below 147 current body fat 16% I was told healthy is between 12% & 20% so I guess I'm in pretty good shape. Still having some residual effects from the concussion. On a side note when I was heavy I was always hot now I feel like a small dog shaking from the cold now I layer up even for bed, certainly not complaining but find it some what amusing.

Went to my endocrinologist apt. today he was very pleased with my blood work and over all good health. My activity level is still good. Finally got over the vertigo my Primary care Doctor sent me to a Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor who performed the Eppy Maneuver which resets the fluid in the inner ear. Sounds weird but it sure worked!!!

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