HI! I am Rae. I live in Saratoga Springs NY for now but will be moving to Camp Pendleton in April.So the surgery could not be happening at a better time! I am 36 4'9" and am 220 lbs(for now). I have been struggling with my weight since the age of 12. The lowest I have ever weighed as an adult is 134 which is still a lil over weight for my height but I was really happy there. The only way I got to 134 was by line dancing 6 nights a week for around 4-5 hours and my diet consisted of (in this order) Beer, coffee and pretzels. My Grandmother MADE me eat 1 meal on Sundays. It is not because I was trying to starve myself I just had no desire to eat. After all that it took me a YEAR to get down to 134 from 180.

    I have 4 kids, 2 boys 13 & 5 and 2 stepdaughters 11 & 7. They come to see us every summer and every other Christmas. We have 2 Goldens Dragon 5 and Tiny 9 mos.Dragon is 54 lbs and Tiny (the baby) is 80 lbs and still has more than a year to grow!!!

    I am married to a US Marine. He is a wonderful man and the love of my life. We have been married for 7 years but I have known him for almost 16 years. We have lifted Jeeps with big tires and love to go fourwheeling and camping.

    I am a crafty chick I can sew, crochet, knit, paint....I can do just about anything except draw.

I started on my weightloss surgery journey about 4 years ago. I went through the approval process and was put on the 8 month long waiting list. The Marine Corps said then "We are moving you in 2 months". Well dang it! The area we moved to was in the middle of NO WHERE so getting a doc there proved to be a challange. Then the Corps moved us AGAIN less than 2 years later. So all the progress in getting the surgery done then was shot. I was going to just give up for now and see where they moved the next time (which was going to be less than a year away) but I just had this feeling that I needed to at least try so I didn't feel like I completely gave up. I talked to my PCM and told him the deal and what has happened and asked if there was any possible way I could get this done before we moved again. In 2 days I had the referral and letter from him in hand! Then I called the Bariatric Center about a half hour away from me. I explained my predicament and ask how quickly I could get the surgery. I was put in the first appt possible(usually a 3 month wait) and well Feb18th is my surgery date!!!!!! I am getting&&!

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