Jul 22, 2009

This whole story started three days ago when I decided that I was tired of jeans, shorts and golf shirts that were way too big and falling off my butt or hanging over my shoulders making it look like I have bat wings. I started this journey off last October wearing 3XL/4XL shirts and 44/46 jeans/shorts.

Last Sunday afternoon I went to Wally World (Wal-Mart) and bought three 2XL golf shirts and a pair of size 38 jeans.
  The jeans fit fine. I didn’t try on the shirts because I knew that 2XL was the logical step downward from my 3XL/4XL shirts.

Monday evening, at the bequest of my dear wife, I tried on my shirts. The first thing out of my dear wife’s mouth was; “They are too big and hang way down over your shoulders, take them back”.

Yesterday, on the way back from Nashville, Tennessee we stopped at a VF Factory Outlet Mall to pick up two or three shirts to wear as I continue down this path. Now, I’ve lost right at 65 pounds since last October and my BMI is now about 33 something so I don’t know where I’m going to settle out, weight wise.  

My wife insisted that I try on some XL golf shirts, so I did and what a surprise, THEY FIT PERFECTLY, ALL TWELEVE THAT I TRIED ON. Yep, bought them all, plus three pair of size 38 dressy Bermuda shorts. Wow, that’s something I can’t remember doing before, trying on way smaller clothes and having them fit perfectly, not looking like I poured myself into them. I don’t know if you could call this an SV or NSV since I lost 54 of the 65 pounds before my Lap-Band went in 15 days ago, but either way – I’LL TAKE IT.       


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