Nov 19, 2009

Post Date: 11/20/09 7:05 am

I've had this term used twice in conjunction with a medical condition that has been dominate in my life.

The first time, and most important time, was six years ago when the Doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical center used it to describe my wife's terminal Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow). She's still in Full Remission. 

The second time was this morning when I talked to my doctors' office and it concerned my Type Two Diabetes and my High Blood Pressure.

I've been taking HBP medications for at least 35 years. We knew it was time to come off the HBP meds because I've been getting dizzy when I stand up after sitting for a while (again) and my blood pressure readouts have been lower than they ever have been. 

I've been Type Two Diabetic for almost seven years, taking meds twice a day. When Mary (Dr. K's nurse) told me that my Diabetes was in "FULL REMISSION", tears came to my eyes. She instructed me to stop taking both the Type 2 and HBP meds immediately. She told me that I should be proud of my accomplishments and to just "monitor both" periodically.

Two co-morbidity's declared gone at the same time. Those were two of the biggest reasons I started down this road and had my "Little Band Buddy" installed. There has not been a male member of my father's side of the family live passed 65 years of age, including my father and older brother. I'm 63 and barring getting run over my a Mack truck or some other catastrophe, I plan on breaking that trend.

Newbies, follow your doctors orders, work hard at your program, success WILL follow. Would I do it again? YOU CAN BET YOUR BIPPIE I WOULD. 

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