Apr 23, 2013


Ok Ladies,

For all of you that wanted to know...

I had to do 5 days of clear fluid before surgery.  On the 4th day I had to do a bowel prep at Noon and again at 6 pm. 

On the 5th day it was back to clear fluids, At 2 pm I had to take two antibiotics, if they make me vomit then I had to use a suppository, Then take the antibiotic again at 3 pm.. If the meds make me sick again that time skip the 10 pm dose of the antibiotics... Thankfully, I didn't get sick so I was able to take get all antibiotics in.

Then around 8 pm on day 5 I had to drink 32 ounces of water before 10 and then nothing the rest of the night or morning of surgery.. Typical..

We woke up at 4 am, took my shower, that's another thing, They want you to take a shower with dial soap two times the day before surgery, concentrating on stomach and the morning of surgery. 

We left the hotel at 4:40, I had to be there at 5 am.  I was already pre-registered, so it was mainly signing in and then going in a office getting something that they might not have on file, but doc Lords staff is amazing and everything was there so she put my arm band on and away I went into the waiting room again.

They call about 5 names and we proceed to the main portion of the hospital, Gave which room we were going to be in for pre-surgery, told to take off all clothes, put on their gown which was a size 10X.  Phil said we needed to carry it home to cover up the boat.   I got these cute little socks to put on...  Then we start waiting..  Hooked me up to a IV, Had to put it up high on my arm because my veins suck.   Did a Pg test?  WHAt... Then they informed me that when I was there for pre-op the week before I had a UTI and did I know it.  I told them No, that they said they would call if we couldn't do surgery..  The Nurse went over all of my paperwork and asked why I was there... I said Gastric Bypass and take this dang gallbladder out... She said well we don't have orders on the gallbladder so I  was like you best be getting some orders.   She said, well we will go ahead and get you prepped and when Dr Lord comes along we will ask him.   In the mean time they gave me stuff to help keep me from getting nauseated and the put a patch behind my ear to keep the motion sickness away.  Gave me heparin shot to help with blood clots.  

Met the doc who was going to put me to sleep, asked me a few questions.. Asked me if I would like something to take the edge off.. I said yeah , why not....  Doctor comes by and said yes she is having Gallbladder taking out so sign here... I signed and then we were off to the operating room.   They gave me the stuff to take the edge off and he works pretty fast... I remember getting in the operating room and them blowing my air bed up and then putting me on the operating table.  The last thing I remember hearing is the lady above my head say " Look at her long eye lashes"  Then I was gone.  

Woke up in the Recovery room,  no tubes or anything... I had oxygen and Iv of fluids, liquid Tylenol, a couple Antibiotics hanging on my pole.  The doctor spoke with Phil and Mom and said everything went great.  Said they got my gallbladder and also repaired a torn hernia that I didn't even know I had.   I have six holes in my stomach and one hole about the size of a pencil tip where my drain was at.  The first night was ruff because they make you get up and walk, which was fine but not when my bladder was full.. I had a cathedar but apparently it wasn't work and they didn't want to hear that until 12:oo midnight, after Phil left and went to the hotel, I let them know I couldn't take it anymore.   She said let me check it again, and it was not flowing into the bag so she went and got a machine to see how full my bladder was and it was full... So she tried  letting the air out of the tube and moved it around to see if she could get it to drain.  Nope!!!! So she said let me go call Dr. Lord I have his cell number... She came back 5 minutes later and said he said take it out. 

After she took it out, I peed and peed and peed.  I went through 8 pj's bottoms.  If I moved I peed  LOL... They had so much fluid going in me and it wasn't coming out until the cathedar came out....  So then I was up alot walking, and doing great.... The worst part I am having is the gas, from where they pumped  me up to give them more room to work on me.   It wants to get under my left ribs and that hurts.... So if I hurt that's what it is from. 

So fast forward to the next day..... I finally got the swallow test done... I drank 1 ounce of this salty stuff... And we watched it go down the tube and he told me to swallow..  I saw my new stomach and boy is it little.  Then I had to drink some other chalky stuff and we watched it go down again... I had no leaks so by the time I got back to my room I had ice chips waiting for me.   So all day was ice chips. I was brought a menu for the next day...

Saturday Morning, I was given grits, and cottage cheese.    Lunch I was giving mashed potatoes and green beans...  The grits I took 5 baby spoon fulls and same on the cottage cheese.     At lunch time I took maybe 11 baby spoons of mashed potatoes and gravy.  I picked up one of the green beans and chew, chew, chew and still didn't like the way it felt so I spat it out. 

Doctor came by about the time I finally went to sleep on Sat.  Asked how I was doing and was I ready to go home.   I said yes sir, ready to go..  He said great,  see ya next Friday for your first check up which at that time he releases me to start taking all of my vitamins. 

The ride home wasn't too bad... Only stopped once to go to the bathroom and walk a little bit. 

Saturday night, Phil and I went to bed at 8 pm.  Felt so good to be in my bed and to be home.   I got up a few times to pee and then I would take a couple walks through the house, then back to bed and back to sleep. 

Sunday morning,   Got up around 8 am.    Jennifer came over and kept me company until Phil got back, she bought me a pretty peace Lilly and card.   Phil had to get my prescriptions and a list of stuff from the grocery store.  

The one thing I did wrong, that could have been really bad is I dropped my prescriptions off at CVS and told them to put in the hold and I would call when I found out I was heading home and they could fill them and I forgot to do that so when got back from Pensacola we went to CVS to get them, the pharmacy had closed at 6 and it was 7:30...   So I didn't have any pain killer all night but I did find without it. 

So so far so good.   I am just trying to get everything organized now and broke down for schedules.   I have to have 60 grams of protein a day, 60 ounces of fluid a day and 4 small meals... So this is what my day is going to look like. 


1/4 cup protein, 1/4 cup starch or fruit

wait 30 mins and start sipping, sip until 9:30 then quit..

wait 30 mins and then have a protein shake

Drink the protein drink and wait 30 mins and start sipping again

Keep sipping until 30 mins prior to lunch which will be 12:30


1/4 cup protein and 1/4 cup starch or fruit

wait 30 mins and start sipping, sip until 3 or so and then stop

Drink my second Protein shake, wait 30 mins and start sipping again

stop sipping 30 mins prior to Dinner


1/4 cup portein, 1/4 fruit or starch.

wait 30 mins and start sipping...

sip until 30mins prior for the last protein shake of the day

wait 30 mins and then start sipping, sip until 30 mins prior to a snack before bed. 


1/4 cup protein

Wait and then start sipping.. 

Go to sleep, wake up and start the whole routine again.  


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