Finally on Road to Recovery

Jun 29, 2009

Had my revision on May 13th and developed an infection that required re-opening my incision at week 3 and installing a vacuum pump for 3 weeks.  Good news, it is resolved and I am now on road to recovery.  Bad news is that I have only lost 25 pounds since surgery and feeling more tired and discouraged.
My goal is to start excercise routine, no way possible with open belly and vacuum pump suctioning belly juices every few minutes.  My hope is that I can turn my discouragement around and establish a good routine of protein, fluids and exercise.
My other challenge is that I did not establish a good support system and went quiet while fighting the infection.  Feeling alone and discouraged with minimal success is not a good way to start this journey.

Home from Hosiptal

May 18, 2009

Had surgery on 13th and made it home today from hospital.  On full liquid diet and so far doing good.

It' official

Apr 29, 2009

I have a date for surgery, May 13th!  Due to the revision requirements and fixing of ulcers, I am still not really clear what type of improvising will be required to take care of everything but, I told Doctor to just make it good and lasting so that I get my lifestyle back.  Stomach will be removed with a very small pouch remaining and we will see what else.  

Beginning of a New Journey

Mar 24, 2009

Absolutely so glad I found this website.  Had no clue that there was so many of us out there to share experiences, make friends and support each other. 

I am working through now to get a revision.  My original surgery was in 1992 (RNY) and had a long period of success (15 years under 150 pounds) before I started to gain weight.  The "normal" signals for being full just didn't work anymore and I had no self control.

I have been very blessed (I hope so at least) that Dr. Carter from Madigan has agreed to a revision that is similar to the DS. I have completed all the pre-reqs, now just need to commit to the food diary and start eating right as well as eliminating the sugar).


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