1 year followup

Nov 19, 2008

Well, I had my one year followup appointment yesterday. I was officially weighed with a loss of 115 pounds...That IS a whole person. It was awesome to see the scale read 188.5 pounds. 2-digit kilograms. I was absolutely floating.

I had the priveledge of seeing PA Mark Houston. He's kinda cute and has a great personality! But, of course he's married. All the good ones are taken   =(      He said my labs were "perfect". I've lost 69% of my excess weight. He also said he had nothing to "fuss" at me about. I am doing all the right things. PA Houston also said no plastic surgery til 18 months out. I am expected to lose another 30 or so pounds. You know that list they go over? Are you doing this, are you doing that, are you eating this and are you taking that supplement, are you still experiencing all the presurgery problems etc, etc?  Well, PA Houston said my morbid obesity is RESOLVED!! Yippee!! I'm telling ya. of all the changes that have come about because of this awesome surgery, that is the absolute best thing to hear.

I'm gonna step it up a bit now. I've got a new indoor walking program DVD by Leslie Sansone I'm gonna try out. I'm off all my blood pressure meds. I never thought that I would be at this point. I also know I have to get more compliant with my supplements. I'm much better than I was when I saw Dr Lord at 6 months, but I can still improve.

My next appointment is with Dr. Nguyen in June. Looking forward to seeing him again. I'm am hoping for 30 more pounds to be gone by then but I'll be thrilled with whatever I lose between now and then. I never thought I would be at this weight again.

It's so freaking cold up here. I'm cold all the time. I lost my padding and my warmth layer. Oh well, I love all the winter clothes I can wear now. I can layer too! That was not possible before without looking like the Michelin Tire Man.

I missed being at home but I'm also glad to be back in VA. I'm thinking about going to Illinois in March and travel nursing there. I'll hang with my sisters and my middle daughter for a while. Then I'm thinking about Alaska for the summer. Maybe I'll get to see Sarah Palin! Palin for President in '12. Needless to say, I'm disappointed John McCain didn't win but I'm excited to see what changes Mr. Obama will make. <--I'll probably start an avalanche of comments with these statements. Oh well, you are for whom you are for.

I don't EVER want to go back to the way I was. At my appointment, I did own up to trying a few things that were/are off limits and let me tell you the experience is so not worth it. I never thought I would ever be satisfied with a "taste" of something. I am so very grateful for having that option now.

I've gotten sort of conceited. I love who I am becoming. I think I'm sort of  "hot" looking these days. That is such a change from what I used to think.

Well, enough of trumpet tooting. Until next time.....

        These things are so blasted cute!

Home again

Nov 14, 2008

I'm in town for my 1 year post op. Can't believe it's been a year...or will be on November 30th. Saying hello to everyone.


Oct 04, 2008

Home again for a very brief visit. I am loving being around my grandbaby. She and I share lots of secrets! I am 10 months out from WLS and have lost 120 pounds. That is a whole person. I am so jazzed. I'm thinking I'm looking rather HOT these days! I am so grateful for this surgery. Well, gotta run. Hopefully I'll be back for a visit in November.


Jul 24, 2008

Home for a visit. Got tons of things  to do in 6 days. Thank goodness I have lost this excess weight and will have the energy to get lots of stuff done. More again later....

6 months post-op

Jun 11, 2008

Just checking in from VA. I am loving being here. The best part, of course, is my Shelby. She turned 3 the other day. I can't believe how quickly time flies by. So big, so fast.

I'm a little late posting this followup. I had my 6 month appointment the day before I left Pensacola. I had lost 92 pounds which came out to 55% of my excess weight lost. I was really happy about that. I saw Dr Lord and not Dr Friedman...he was busy in the OR. I am so glad for him and his new position at Baptist. Sacred will be losing a fantastic surgeon. I guess they are not really losing him since he and Dr Lord are still associates. Baptist is gaining a wonderful physician and a much needed shot in the arm for their Bariatrics program. Anyways, I had only Dr Lord in the hospital so it was an interesting visit. He didn't really say much but he did quiz me on my bad habits! Hard to lie to the head of bariatrics. I admitted to my few continued bad habits...ice cream, candy bars and french fries. I've had dumping 2 too many times and I really have cut out the ice cream and candy-no desire for almost a month. Don't like the dumping, the nausea, or the hot flashes.

Any way, since I've been in VA I have lost another 6 pounds. I am 205 now. I guess that puts me close to  "onederland". That doesn't excite me as much as just weighing what I weigh now. I'm also in size XL. I guess it's time to buy smaller clothes now. The 2x and 3x are just way too BIG.

I had an interesting occurence the other day. I got my period...OMG. I haven't had one in over a year! Since I'm at menopause age I just contributed the lack of a period to the menopause. I hope this is just that and not a reoccurence of the "curse". The last year has been nice not having to worry about the blasted thing. It figures it would come the first week at a new job.

Well this is all for now. Until next time.....

5 months out...

May 03, 2008

Well, I am a few days over 5 months out. I have lost 84 pounds according to the scale at work. That one is more in line with the clinic scale. I am pleased with the number. I have not however lost much in clothes sizes. I am only in a 22-24, down from 26-28. I will just have to adjust.

I went to New Orleans the other day. My daughter, Cassie, the chef, was in town for some job interviews. Seems her and the significant other are considering moving there. The first thing she said when she saw me was "you are not my same mother". Oh thank you Jesus! She was very happy for me and even told her sister, my oldest, that I was skinnier than she was. That was so nice of her!!! A little mean maybe...  We went on the Riverboat cruise. I got crispied since we sat out in the sun but I have to say I look a whole lot better with some color in my cheeks, and my neck and my arms...lol. We walked around NO for over 10 hours. I remember when we were there before the hurricanes that I couldn't make it around for just a few hours. I was so excited to be able to have such stamina. We also laid eyes on Tommy Lee, Ludacris and Motley Crue. Now I didn't know who they were when I saw them...but my daughter did and I at least knew the names. They were doing some filming in the French Quarter and maybe I will end up on tv. That would be something. NOT! My daughter's significant was flipping out because she was hungry after just a few hours of eating and I wasn't hungry. She kept asking my daughter...doesn't your mother get hungry now? Made me laugh...I was hungry but just not like I used to be. We ate at Landry's. I had grilled shrimp and the most wonderful grilled veggies. I also had some dirty rice but it was way too greasy for me so I only had a few spoonfuls. The girls had dessert...Key Lime pie and Bananas Foster. I passed on having my own dessert but I did try each of theirs. The KL pie was okay...I've had better. The Bananas Foster was something totally new. I had to stop after a few bites. I can still eat some ice cream now and that vanilla ice cream was decadent. I wasn't crazy about the crepe, or the bananas or the chocolate and caramel drizzles. I was proud that I was satisfied with just a few bites and that I didn't get sugar sick. I hate that feeling. I had a great time in NO. I hope my daughter moves closer. I miss her alot.

I am leaving Pensacola for a little while!! I am going to be travel nursing. My first assignment will be in VA. I will be staying with my oldest daughter and her family. I miss my grandbaby so much. I will be thrilled to spend a few months with them and still be able to work. I will be working in Falls Church at a 900 bed hospital there on the stroke unit. I am excited and scared at the same time. I've been wanting to travel for several years and now that I've got a lot more self-esteem I'm ready to try travel nursing. I'm going with another nurse. We've hit it off well and both have very similar interests so I've got a travel buddy. Wish it were a man...but there's time for that. Actually, I like not having a man to answer to but it gets kind of lonely. Also, it's hard to do those "couple" things by yourself, if you know what I mean!! But I've survived 6 years without a man, I'll survive many more. All you girls that are lucky enough to have a man to share your life with...I'm jealous...but when I go home I don't have to pick up after somebody else!!!!

I will be maintaining my home here at least for a while. I've been wanting to move on from here (Pensacola) for well over 10 years. I've stayed because of the kids and then because I've been afraid to do some things...like move. I have just Stefanie here and she's in FWB 5 days out of 7...working. When she is home she's out bumming with her BF...my adopted daughter. My sisters would like me to come back to Illinois but I'm not sure about "going back home". But for now, the traveling will fill that "got to get out of here" feeling. I'm leaving right after my 6 month followup. That was pretty good planning.

Well, I am so glad to see everyone on the board making such wonderful progress. Chere you look marvelous...even better in person! Bren you are doing great. Kathy you are so great! I'm glad to have gotten to "talk" to you. Maybe we will actually meet in a couple of weeks. That would be great for me. Everyone else...keep on, keepin on. This is one incredible journey...with a few roller coasters along the way! Good thing I like roller coasters.

Until next time...

Just a quick add...

Apr 10, 2008

Well I have found some of my smaller clothes. I knew I had packed them in a box a few years ago. I'm in possession of several different sizes now. Incredibly some things are too big...I wonder what I was thinking when I packed those away? So anyway, I'm comfortable in a size 22, down from size 28. I have a few smaller things yet that are snug so it will be a while before I'm in them. There were some shorts I had forgotten about but boy am I ever flabby. I gotta get on the exercise band-wagon.

I finally tried a naval orange. That was wonderful. I didn't have any adverse reaction, thank goodness. Still having problems eating some things. I understand that's the way things will be. I have to make myself get on an eating schedule. Right now, I just eat when the mood strikes. Several times, though, I have what I call the "shakes". I hate that feeling. It's different from "dumping" in that it happens when I haven't had enough protein for 18 or more hours. Sometimes, I just don't want to eat and then I'm searching for something fast when the "shakes" hit. So much learning and implementing to do. 

All-in-all, I'm pleased with how things are going. I've been told I need to post new pictures but it's hard to take pictures of myself. I either don't get centered in them or they're not close enough or it's of a blank wall. I don't think anyone wants to see pictures of my green bedroom wall. I'll have to work on this.

Until next time...

4 Months Post Op

Apr 02, 2008

I am now 4 months post op. My weight is at the lowest it has been in over 9 years. I am really thrilled with that. The problem is...I just don't see it. Yes, my clothes are falling off, I'm in smaller sizes but when I look in the mirror I still see me as I was 75 pounds ago. I know this will take some time getting used to and I hope it's not too long in coming.

I have loads more energy. I am so grateful for that. I was tired of being tired all the time. I just need to find a way to fit in some quality exercise. I'm not going to join a gym just yet. I have done that once before and went exactly 2 times during a 2 year commitment. What a waste of money. I have "planned" to go walking but then I get side-tracked doing something else and forget about going walking and then when I do remember...I want to kick myself because I can't or didn't go. I need to make this part of my weight loss efforts an important part or I'm going to come to a screeching standstill.

I am still having difficulties with eating different things. I can tolerate chicken and cheese, some lunch meats, cottage cheese and yogurt, seafood like crab and shrimp and some fish. I've tried beef. Ground beef is still off limits...I get the "incredible stomach cramps". I can do some roast beef...both in luncheon meats and as a roast. Now that I've spelled it out, it doesn't look so bleak. I'm eating most of the time because I have to. Mostly though I'm not interested in anything and then when I find something I want I get esophageal burning or the incredible stomach cramps. I guess that would make anyone not want to eat. Dr H said I could come off the nexium but now that it's been a month and I'm getting the burning feeling back I think I'm going to go back to the nexium. Can't hurt.

I went through a spell where I really missed fresh fruit. I'm afraid to try citrus but strawberries, grapes, raspberries, apples and plums do okay. I can eat a "tropical" blend. As the warmer season kicks in there will be more choices. No complaints there. I'm curious to try oranges. I just love the big naval oranges. I tried mandarin oranges early in this weightloss effort but I think it was just too soon. 

I need to get some smaller clothes. I have nothing to wear. My oldest daughter doesn't feel sorry for me now that I weigh less than she does. I'm hoping she will get this surgery for herself. I can predict her future in this case. Like mother, like daughter. She has repeated many of my mistakes and I would like her to have this surgery sooner rather than later.

I was reading on the SH forum about Carnie Wilson. I remember when she had this surgery. As difficult of a time as I am having with eating and feeling like eating I can't imagine getting to a point where I would gain weight. I know it's way too early in this for me to worry about but that's what I do best...worry. I wish her the best.

This is my update for now.

3 Months Post-op

Feb 25, 2008

Lord, as I come to know You and Your ways, I am continually grateful for all things and for every circumstance--even the difficulties You allow for my growth. I will give You thanks every day. Today I am grateful for...

My 3 month post-op visit!  I had an excellent visit with Dr. H today. I have to admit I considered not even going to that appointment but I decided I would not shoot myself in the foot and I went. I put on a smiling face and wore a cheerful disposition. I am pleased to say I have officially lost 65 pounds. Dr. H says that is 40% of my weight. Yee-haa!! My blood pressure was fantastic. So much so that I get to cut my medication doses for high blood pressure in half. I was so afraid I was going to be on them for life....weightloss or no weightloss. I had been having some back pain issues and I discussed them with Dr. H and received a prescription for Ultram. The tylenol w/my flexeril was just not covering the pain, especially at work. I even inquired about having Dr. H as my primary...am I insane or what?!  He did say I have to find a new primary if I don't want to stay with my current primary so for now I will just stay with Dr. Brown. I hate the drive but I am comfortable with him. I think was asking because if both docs are going to basically cover the same things I wanted to save myself the trip. Dr. H did say he could cover me in the interim. I think I lost 10 inches in my waist. I don't remember the exact number Misti told me because I was too busy trying to calculate the loss from last time.  lol  I may have to call her later.

I have my 6 month appointment scheduled with Dr. F. I am looking forward to going back to the surgery group. Dr. H said 6m and 12m with the surgery group and the rest with him. Not too bad I guess. I guess I have adapted to the change. No choice huh?

I've been wanting to try a McSkillet breakfast burrito ever since I had my surgery. I think that's when they came out with it. Well, today I decided I would try one.   Good thing I have dogs that love my left overs. I took one bite...was not impressed...then opened up the burrito...I had to dig to find the egg. So I ended up only eating what little egg was on it and half the sausage patty. GROSS. I will never have that again...unless I make one like it at home. Then I ordered a Hazelnut Iced Coffee. Got home with it and realized its NOT decaf, so it's gone down the drain. I get the decaf iced coffee from Starbucks so I guess I was thinking same same. A $5 lesson learned.

Other things I am grateful for...
Ladies that have gone through this WLS process before me and handing down their now too big uniforms. I am in a size 2X pants in scrubs and I'm wearing a 3X top with it cuz I like my stuff loose. Thank you friends!

I tried my Winn-Dixie Freshy flat. Not too bad. I can even tolerate a little ice with it. Most things I drink can be cold but no ice so far. Maybe now I can start adding ice to my drinks and not have to wait for it to melt.

I also tried the Caffeine free diet coke flat. THAT I am not crazy about. It reminds me of drinking store brand cola and I would rather go without than drink store brand. So goodbye Diet Coke of any kind.

Ok so I guess that's all for now.

Happy Birthday to me!

Feb 13, 2008

Jesus, thank you for all you have given me. For I am and have nothing without You. All praise, honor and glory to You this day.

Well, yesterday I turned the BIG 5-0! I am so excited to be entering my 50's. I am not the least bit sad for having reached this milestone. This will definitely be the best decade of my life thanks to WLS and the new life I get to live. 

Some things I have learned since my last post...

I still have to fight that demon "sweets cravings". I am going to be doing some deep soul searching to find some way to fix this. I know it is in my head. 

Some of the old ways still persist...stress at work equals sweets cravings and tired on the way home from work makes the "not so old me" want to stop at What-a-burger for a breakfast burrito and a sausage biscuit (comfort food). Thank goodness for my rational side. I haven't even given doing that a second thought. Sorry What-a-burger I know you are missing my daily purchases but you will get over it.

I MISS Diet Coke and Winn-Dixie's Freshy. I'm going to buy a couple of liter bottles and let them go flat and see if that helps. Maybe that will help with the fluid intake problem I talk about below.

I am STILL eating too much. I think this because I get nauseous, hot and sometimes sweaty after I eat...especially at work. While I am off for 36 hours I am going to prepare some chicken and tuna salad and grill those beautiful boneless chicken breasts and salmon that I bought and have it all prepackaged, ready to go for work so I can lay off the WW meals, Lean Cuisine and others. I'm wanting to eat the whole thing cuz it's in front of me. One more thing to get out of my head...it's okay to leave food on your plate, your dad will not yell at you. He does not know how your stomach feels. Plus he's gone...remember?

I am struggling with my fluid intake. I have bought every different flavor Crystal Lite I can find. Some I can't stand and some have turned into new favorites but it still doesn't motivate me to drink, drink, drink. When I do get my 60-80 ounces in and I only pee out maybe an ounce and a half, I WONDER WHERE ALL THAT WATER IS GOING TO BESIDES MY ANKLES? I am having more and more days with swollen ankles. Granted, they are no where near as swollen as they were pre-wls but they are swollen nonetheless.

I am once again suffering from insomnia but who cares. I have so much more energy that I don't care I don't sleep as much as I once did. Geez, 8-14 hours was way too much sleep in one day. 4-6 seem to work ok and I know this too shall pass.

I have NOT met my personal goal of walk a lap at the park and add a lap weekly. If I did, I would be walking 10 laps instead of 0. I cannot get motivated to get out and walk. I'm busting butt at work but it's in short bursts due to the way work is and I don't think I'm getting any real benefit from it. Today it was cold and windy. Geez Mary, you're in Florida not Illinois. What's a little cold and wind compared to a blizzard? Some more things to work on.

My depression is so much better. I feel like I did pre-wls surgery day. Thank goodness. I tell everyone I know that is getting wls and dealing with depression that IT WILL GET BETTER. 

Ok, so I go for my 3 month followup in a week and a half. I am looking forward to that. I have worn some smaller clothes and they felt great. I need to get a few more tops. Everything hangs on me like a potato sack. Sheesh.

Time to run. More later...

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