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"My surgeon is really Dr Friedman. He is leaving Sacred Heart =( . So to be on the SH OH Forum I had to drop him as my surgeon and change it to Dr Lord. But it's only changed in name. I am still glad I chose Dr Friedman for my surgery. Good luck Dr Friedman where ever you go.rnrnDr. Jeffrey Friedman, personal protege of Dr. Jeffrey Lord, was my surgeon. I couldn't be more pleased.rnrnMy first impression of Dr Friedman was he's young. His selling points were he trained under Dr Lord and he was available quicker than Dr Lord was. I liked the words \"fellowship trained\". As an RN, I like to be fully informed about my physician's credentials. Dr Lord has an excellent track record and I felt that he would not allow just any slug to work in his office. His reputation precedes him and I believe anyone that he brings into the office has to meet his standard. I find that to be something I look for in a physician. My standards were/are met by Dr Lord, et al. Therefore, Dr Friedman met my impossible standards by participating with and training under Dr Lord.rnrnOver time, a few short months to be exact, Dr Friedman grew on me. He has an excellent bedside manner. He appears genuinely interested in the human being in front of him. He was open to my fears and we discussed them at length. Having the surgery was always my decision. I never felt pressured. rnrnDr Friedman's staff is the same as Dr Lord's. The entire staff is wonderful. I never felt like I was being judged on my size. They are very encouraging. rnrnFuture patients should know that Dr Friedman cares about you, the human being. Don't be afraid to ask any question or to say how you are feeling. rnrnAftercare is very important to the Sacred Heart Institute for Surgical Weight Loss. Having your surgery with them means you will have 5 year followups. This was important to me because I didn't want to feel like I was dropped after my surgery. I believe aftercare is only as good as the effort you put into it. If you don't participate then you can't blame the program.rnrnDr Friedman addressed the risks of surgery very matter of factly. He did not beat around the bush. I specifically asked questions while I was reviewing my surgical consent. He never once said oh don't worry about that. He restated the risks and explained what this practice did to minimize the risks. I never once thought these risks were too great to have this surgery. I felt I was making the best informed decision I could possibly make concerning my future health for the rest of my life.rnrnI reviewed Dr Friedman's written credentials. While I agree that anything can be written about someone, the places he chose to do his training were excellent facilities. I felt that he was doing the best training so that he could provide the best possible care to his future patients. Surgical competence, I believe achieved through diligent work ethic, goes hand in hand wih bedside manner. While I do believe you can be a poor physician with great bedside manner, you can't be a great physician with a bad beside manner.rnrnWhile the bottom of this section states \"No person can be the best in all aspects. Completely 100% positive reviews are generally less informative or even suspect\". I disagree. While there might have been a staff member that I didn't particularly like for whatever reason, that never reflected negatively about the practice as a whole. And since I am on the subject, I didn't particularly care for Tracie Sipperly, RD. But that is MY problem and not a problem of the practice. Tracie is VERY knowledgable and cares about each patient. And like I said above, that is MY ISSUE."

Sacred Heart Institute for Surgical Weight Loss

"I was very pleased with my stay at the hospital. All the staff was very encouraging. They took the time to answer my questions in complete detail and even came back to make sure I didn't have any other questions. I had a great experience with Melissa RN(7p-7a) and Amanda HUC/Tech(7a-7p). Amanda took me on my first 2 laps and I will be forever indebted to her for that. Her encouragement and ability to make me laugh at myself (that hurt you know!). "I gotta pee" I said, "well go ahead" she said...I had a foley catheter. Melissa, you were so compassionate and kind when I was at my worst. Richard RN and Lucretia RN were terrific as well. I remember seeing my friend Lisa RN and Sam RN but I was in a Dilaudid fog. The rooms were great, the area was quiet and private, the food-although I wasn't hungry-was palatable. Those little purple ramekins were so cute I wanted to take them home! Everyone from pre-op to discharge were exceptional. I am proud to be a member of the Sacred Heart Family."
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