October 17,207

Oct 17, 2007

Well its been a while since I updated anything here. I am now coming up for 10 months out and I have lost 110 lbs so far. I have never felt better about myself I can do more with my kids and the love of my life. I have joined the gym and I really enjoy going. Don't know exactly how much more I would like to lose I am still not sure I will see as it continues to come off.

June 20th 2007

Jun 20, 2007

Well I am now 6 months out and I feel great, I have lost a total of 86 lbs. I know I still have more to go but I feel fantastic with how much I have lost. I can't remember when I last weight what I do now. Its funny when I see people I haven't seen for a while they notice the difference but I don't see it that much.
Thank goodness for those people, as least you know that you are changing.

Here I come

Dec 05, 2006

December 6,2006

 Well I started my liquid diet yesturday, its really not that bad. Although I have asked myself and I doing the right thing, but I know I am. 13 days to go.

December 10, 2006

Well now only 8 days left of optifast, 9 more till surgery. It getting closer and I am getting more nervous. I actually havent found the optifast to be that bad. So far I have only had one bad emotion rollercoaster day. Its hard this time of year with the kids parties and company, but I am being very good.

January 11, 2007

Well it has been 3 weeks now since my surgery and I am doing great. Things seem to be going down and staying down so far knock on wood. Today I have my first follow up with Dr. Hagen, I am actually looking forward to stepping on the scales to see how much exactly I have lost since my surgery. I can't ever remember liking or wanting to get on the scales it's actually a good feeling. Well just back from Dr. Hagens office and I have lost a total of 35lbs in 5 weeks. It feels so good, I can't believe that, he was happy with the results, I go back to see him in 6 weeks and I can't wait to see how much is gone then.

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