1 Year - 126 pounds... *whew* Are We There Yet!

Aug 27, 2008

I'm so flipping siked.  I can't believe, I am actually celebrating my one year anniversary on joining the bench.  *tear*  Everyone on OH has been so supportive of me and all of my endeavors - from weight loss to school.  So much has happened, so many things have changed.  No more counting the days, I welcome the challenge of meeting my next goal of 190 lbs - thats right, I'm shooting for onederland, babee.


6 months... *wow*

Mar 08, 2008

Well it has definitely been one hail (< I did that on purpose) of a ride.  I can't believe, I am already beyond my six month marker and only 45lbs away from my personal goal of 220lbs.  For some of us that still seems like a lot of weight, but please remind yourself that I was at my max of 364lbs when I first started this journey.  Man, to loose 144lbs... oh is almost heaven for me.  However, I also promised some of you, that once I reached my goal ~ I would continue to push.  And I will.  I want to one day feel the excitement of "onederland" so I'm a definitely on my way. 

Below is a recent pic of me and my favorite co-worker. 


Well... its been ten weeks since surgery

Nov 01, 2007

And I am loving every minute of it.  I'm down 50lbs and a whole lot of damm inches. - that I refuse to measure.  As most already know, I'm back @ work and my classes officially started this week.  Busy Busy Busy as a bee but I still have time to party... tell me I wasn't wearing the hell out this shirt and my pumps are fit for a queen... lata bellas & gents!


Back to work....

Oct 05, 2007

Man, this has been the fastest six weeks of my life.  I went in for my follow-up today and I have been released back to work (yesssssssssss).  I'm down 36lbs.  Everyone seems to notice the difference but me.  Thanks to some motivation, I'm going to seriously begin working out next week.  I need to tone as I loose.  My energy level is through the roof and I am loving every minute of my journey thus far (well, except the dumping). 

Its Official... I'm On the Loser's Bench!

Aug 28, 2007

I woke up in tears after the surgery bc the pain was so intense.  I couldn't believe, I take that back... I could believe it bc my faith pulled me through.  It was official; I was on the losers' bench.  It was time to begin a new life.  I was out of bed and walking the halls by 2pm.  I'm so excited and I feel great.

What a mess I am...

Aug 22, 2007

I am approx. 24 hours from one of the biggest decisions I have ever made in my life.  And although my process was seemingly smooth, my emotional rollar coaster begin this week.  Everyone told me it would and I am sure the thought of almost having to postpone was like my "reality check".  If I am not laughing - I'm almost in tears.  And the only thing I can do, is what I have been doing all along.  Give it over to the Lord.  That is what I have him for.  He is my foundation. My Rock.  My Saviour.  And it is because of my faith I know I will not walk this journey alone.  He will hold my hand every step of the way.  I am falling so in love with Him - I just don't know what to do with myself.

I would of never thought, I would be the one to witness about His love.  But how can I not?

8/24/07... the date of my future rebirth

Jul 27, 2007

I can't believe my process is moving along so smoothly. I have hit some roadblocks along the way but they weren't enough to stall my determination.  I attended my first consulation on 4/12/07 and was far from impressed with the facility.  My second consulation was 4/16/07 and I basically fell for Barix - head over heels.  My process thus far as taking me 3 months, 1 week and 2 days - from consulation to a surgery date appointment.  And to me honest I feel totally great about it.

I called my mother and gave her the good news.  Her response was "there is nothing good about you having surgery".  My entire facial expression changed.  I know that the two of us have faced some opposition over the years but the chance of become a healthier, happier me should be welcomed.  Then last night my older sister left me a message... in it she stated she was happy for me and my decision to become healthly not only for myself but for my family has well.  She graced me with peaced and blessings.  She left me with a feeling a love.  

I appreciate her for that.  My friends @ work are totally supportive.  They have been since my decision to even look into RNY.  And they were just has excited about my "date" as was I.  Its funny how my work family seems more excited for me than many of the individuals who have watched and looked after me my entire life.

Good-bye Big Gurl

Jul 15, 2007

I found this poem here on OH today - I love it.  I am going to post it on my desk at home and at work. *some minor edits for grammar*

Goodbye Big Girl, it's time for you to go
But before you leave us, there is something you should know.....
Although, there have been many times I've resented you
or even cursed your image in the mirror,

I've always had quite a fondness of you and I am beginning to miss you as the surgery grows nearer.

Without you in my life I may not have known the true meaning of inner beauty.
I may have only been nice to the "unbeautiful people" out of a sense of duty...
You've taught me the importance of being nice to someone just because of who they are
Because as a big person I know that life can be unfair.
The stupid jokes and hurtful remarks could have made life a misery to live,
But somehow you kept us going
and our heart was always there to give.
So thanks a lot for everything we've been through,
and I'll keep life's lessons close to my heart
just in case another big person needs a friend or two.

Goodbye Big Girl, please don't beg
but you have to go now because I can't wait to be able to cross my legs!!!

I just want to strangle them...

Jun 17, 2007

Has anyone faced the feeling of frustration before surgery?  I have a huge support team but the only person in the crew (besides me) has had their drivers' license suspended.  I will probably be having surgery in about a month, I'll drive myself if I have to but darn-it HOW AM I GONNA GET HOME??????   I'm pretty sure Barix isn't going to let me drive myself outta there, wth?!?!?!?

Patience *woosah*

May 22, 2007

In all actuality I really don't know why I am screaming for patience.  I mean on some real ish, I just decided to have WLS this year and my approval process took all of two weeks.  I didn't want to just choose the first surgeon I met so I narrowed it down to two facilities.  One is the ever growing popular Barix Clinic (I know many of you have seen the commercials) and Univ of Penn Hosp.  In the end I chose Barix.  Although the facility is a lil out of the way, the place is great.  Another plus was that our group info session was ran by the actual surgeon.  I swear I have a soft spot of Dr. P.  From the moment she entered the room, she spoke to us in terms we could understand and she answered all of our questions.  Not only that, we had our one on one consult the very same day!  It was great and before I left she hugged me.  I think she heard the cry for help in my voice.  Before Dr. P, I have never felt this comfortable with a medical provider.  I left with only 3 prerequisites for surgery (psych eval, loose ten lbs and blood work).  A piece of cake right, well can you believe I was approved by BC before I FINISHED ANY OF THE PREEREQS.  I have since learned that these are things that my surgeon is requiring and not my insurance.    But its all good, I'm off to my psych eval tomorrow morning.  I had blood work done in March 07, so all I need to do is fax Michelle a copy and then theres the ten pounds - hell that was the hardest part to me. But its only ten pounds so I'm going to stick this out and be ready.  At the rate things are moving I'm hoping to have a surgery date for late June or early July.  I figure if I have the procedure in the summer, I won't mind the liquid diet.  hehehe

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