July 17, 2007

Jul 17, 2007

Hi everybody.  Sorry it's been long but things are good.  I'm down to 229lbs.  There is one problem though....I'M LOOSING MY HAIR...WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?  Doc says that it'll pass I hope so.  I would hate to be chubby, saggy and bald  lolol  NOT Pretty at all...lolol...keep the comments coming.


April 8th, 2007

Apr 08, 2007

Hello everyone,  just let you know that I'm doing somewhat better.  Unfortunately, I'm still have the the problem of being extremely weak and unable to walk without shaking.  I'm taking in the water, eating the protein and everything else I'm supposed to do.  So why am I still feeling like this.  If wanyone has any suggestions please suggest away.

Later guys.

April 3, 2007

Apr 03, 2007

Hello everyone.  My surgery date was March 19, 2007.  Since I have been admitted back to the hospital once for dehydration and have already made a 2nd trip to the ER for the same thing.  What I'm not getting is why.  I make sure that I have enough water.  Another thing that at is worse is the fatigue.  By the time I get back to my bed from just using the bathroom I feel that I ran the 5K.  I'm having a bad time with this, and unfortunately I'm really regretting this experience.  I worked so hard to go through with the surgery, and am letting myself down because I don't know what to do.  I have absolutely no energy.  If I get up my husband has to hold me up.  He even bathes me.  PEOPLE....WHAT IS UP WITH THAT....WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!!.  All my surgeon says is you'll get used to it and give it time.  Please let me know....is this normal.  FEEDBACKS ARE WELCOMED.  THANKS OH.

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