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"Dr. Daniel Fabito, of the New Start Weight Center in St. Louis, Missouri, actually did my surgery. He seemed to be a very experienced and capable surgeon. At first I liked him alot, but he ended up not being readily available and wasn't a good listener. I never had a consult alone with him prior to surgery, it was in a group setting, sort of like a small seminar. He didn't do any sort of physical exam prior to surgery. He ended up retiring one month after my surgery, with only a terse short note in the mail that I would have to find another Bariatric Surgeon to follow up with. By that time, I'd already done so. Because I was SO dissatisfied with New Start in St. Louis and St. Alexius hospital, I had already decided I did NOT want to follow up with NS. In mid-April, 2005, 18 days post-op, I transferred my post-op care to the New Life Weight Loss Center of Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky, under the care of DR. ALEX ARGOTTE. By that time, I was so sick I was almost desperate to find someone to help me. He hospitalized me at Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, KY, and fixed everything wrong with me! He's a superb physician, has a very nice and caring staff, and Lourdes Hospital was a good experience as well. I wish I'd gone to this hospital and ... especially ...this PHYSICIAN ... to begin with!"

St. Alexius NewStart

"Avoid it if possible. I was in the same gown on the last day of my stay that I was in on the first day, no bath til 5th day, no bath in room, poor poor unfeeling treatment by staff. This is the WORST hospital I've ever been in in my life! I have no complaint on my surgeon, but this is the poorest excuse for a hospital that I've ever known, and I was basically afraid of the treatment I was receiving as a result. Terrible!"
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