Where has the time gone

Nov 14, 2012

 Ok so I am 4 years out today.. Lets see I have had a baby and he is 20 months old.. That was hard because I was so afraid of gaining all my weight back... But nope I actually bounced back within 2 weeks of having him and was back in my clothes and pre pregnancy weight.  I remarried the love of my life who just recently went thru the gastric bypass revision... I graduated with my associates and went on to get my bachelors degree..  I recently had to be scoped because of scaring and that has been a success... Was the road traveled easy?  No by all means it has not been but I would do it again if I had to.  It saved my life!  I lost 150 pounds!!!  I really get sick and tired of people referring to it as the easy way out because this has been far from easy.. Vitamins for the rest of my life.. Medications and there are still certain foods that I cannot eat to this day.. There was a time when I would vomit every day and people still want to think easy way out... Well they really need to think again.. I saved my
life by making this choice and now hopefully my story will help others to decide to save theirs too!


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