Heiress7 14 years ago

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Your BAF friends will be praying for you! Yvette

Madame 14 years ago

Welcome to the Loser's Bench. We moved over to make yo a good spot. I'm Happy you had a successful surgery and will continue praying for your full and uneventful recovery.

GBetta 14 years ago

I am praying that you have a successful surgery. We await you on the losers bench! ~GB~

Pretty Cat 14 years ago

Praying all goes well for you today and much success on your journey.

Valerie Renee 14 years ago

Congrats on your surgery date ! Wishing you a speedy recovery ! VAL

Cammy H. 14 years ago

Congrats on your rebirth. I pray for your healing, your family, and the surgeons. Be Blessed!

nangie 14 years ago

Wishing you well and speedy recovery,god bless

Lavender 14 years ago

wishing you nothing but the best in your recovery!

Leah C. 14 years ago

Hoping for you a speedy recovery and a smooth journey to come. We'll see you on the losing side! Much Love...

Baby_Phat 14 years ago

Woo-Hoo!!! You're one wake-up away from a brand new life and if anybody is ready and deserving of that...you are! Get your mind right...Keep your game tight...And lose weight; you might. No, you definitely will. You have such a beautiful spirit. I can't wait to see how much more you will shine as you become healthier and smaller. I need some help because I can't be the only Super Sexy wearing this big "S" on my chest. And don't worry about competition! I expect you to out-do your Angel. Ya heard! LOL!!! Love ya. You are in my prayers and I know that your surgery and recovery will be text-book successful...Ericka
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