Thanks Dr. Fowler!!

Jan 11, 2010

We had a banquet for Castle Hospital because they made Center of Excellence.  I hooked up with my friend Big Mike.  Well I think now we just call him Mike.  He has come a long way.  We all have.  Dr. Fowler changed our lives.  I am so glad to have met this man.

DSC00964.jpg picture by Nahealani

Big Mike and me at my Birthday Party in May 2008.

DSC00939.jpg picture by Nahealani

His wife Ixchel and Big Mike

DSC00904-1.jpg picture by Nahealani

Wow I look like I was about to give birth.

DSC00904.jpg picture by Nahealani

This is us today.  Me (lost 130 lbs) Dr. Fowler, Mike (lost 425 lbs).  Told mike to buy clothes.  Don't give him justice.  He is an awesome man. 

DSC00909.jpg picture by Nahealani

These are only patients that came.  It was a good night.



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