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Jan 10, 2021

My surgery on hold due to Covid out of control here is Arizona. All elective surgeries have been placed on hold. I was approved and scheduled then cancelled. Looking to read and join this community to know what to expect in the weeks to come after surgery. The pre op diet is hard but manageable. Lots of bad habits trying to change. Italian and love my carbs and sweets. That is what got me here to begin with along with genetics. Now with medical problems decide on the surgery for a more healthier life as I go into my senior years. Over 60, hopefully there are some who have the surgery in their 60's. Struggle with my weight all my life, more recent years after menopause loosing weight even more difficult. Scale going up not down unless I starve myself. Has to be a better way and decided to go this route. Physically active and still working full time. Hoping to find support and get to know what are some of the potential issues post op and the road to weight loss after surgery. 


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Jan 10, 2021
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