Juliana M. 14 years, 9 months ago

today is OUR day! i will keep you in my prayers. see you on the losers bench!

StalkerVal******* 14 years, 9 months ago

Just wanting to wish you the very best of luck on your surgery and your new life. May God Bless you and your Dr. and his team on your day. Val

blinksFL 14 years, 10 months ago

Hi Nancy, I just read youir profile, I do have a love and faith that has carried me thru a lot of hard times during illnesses. I have a great husband of 41 years and I see in the pictures you do to, We dont have any drag car racers in the family, however we do have our little baby "Peaches, she is our little schitzu and she is the joy of most of our days. She is such a little ham, and she caters to who ever has food..of course, and she is very loving, she has her little routines around here just like "her People do" I see you are having your surgery on the 11th of August, My date in stone is now AUG 13 the Wednesday after yours! SO what are you doing to get ready for this, and how are you doing with the emotional side of this. Like you I have so much faith and confidence in God that I dont have any fear. surprisingly I am concerned about recovery and staying within the rules of dos and do nots...its a lot to remember...I have stopped drinking soda, stopped sugar, stopped all sugary foods, stoped high fat or fried foods, holding down the calories. drinking lots of water, I have my SF jello, chicken broth, SF pudding, Protein supplements, vitamins, little silver ware and little plate,cup and bowl. My husband is going to be my support person. We decided we could handle this alone without the kids to come down from up north to help. We live in Florida, originally from the St. Louis area, 2children live up there and 1 lives in Atlanta GA area. I have been cleaning out drawers, and cabinets, organizing food cabinets, removing clutter, cleaning ect ect...I feel like I am getting ready to bring home a new baby. ..That new baby is going to be ME.. Tell me how you are doing...hopefully we can be supportive to one another in the months ahead BlinksFL
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