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Mar 26, 2009

i'm at around 129 now and still fluctuate a little. i'm 5'4 would love to get back to to 115-120 range but, even at 129, i'm far from overweight so i guess i should count my blessings. i no longer follow the post-op diet--haven't in a while--over the last year i kind of figured that if i eat around 2000 cals a day, i maintain, more than that, i gain, less i (obviously) lose.

i unfortunately stopped exercising and really need to start again. it's been over 2 years since my RNY and about a year and a hald since i was last overweight BMI-wise. the whole obesity thing not seems like a distant nighmare but i know i will always have to be very careful to avoid falling into the old habits

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battling re-gain --update
battling re-gain
so i'm fighting re-gain
down to 117lbs--only 2 lbs from goal
stall broken--122.5, BMI 21.0 as of this morning
back to 125, as of yesterday
century club--125, bmi 121.5