hi, it's been 2 years and i moved to Silicone Valley, CA

Aug 03, 2011

 hi everyone, i had Gastic byspas in late 2006, am still struggling with weight but never went up beond 26 bmi, goal is under 2for about 1.5 0bmi. i has a lot of life and career changing events happen in my life....i have ve been engaged  for 1.5 years to the absolute love of my life. we lived to gether (i moved from PA to CA) i'm a lawyer/mediator which is a competitive field. we have one baby (o.k. technically she is a 20 year old kitty) and plean to start a family in a coulfd of years (after we actually marry (we have family all ove the country/ word.)

anyway, i''l stop rambling. i'm new to the silicone valley and woulf love to meet some friends here. i'm in snta slata but have a temp offive in los altod so if anyone knoes any meeting nearby or just shoot me a line, please do so 6508338199


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battling re-gain --update
battling re-gain
so i'm fighting re-gain
down to 117lbs--only 2 lbs from goal
stall broken--122.5, BMI 21.0 as of this morning
back to 125, as of yesterday
century club--125, bmi 121.5