4 Years Post-Op Update

May 30, 2014

Well my 4 year anniversary from having Gastric Bypass happened the other day.  I'm doing well still and have managed to keep my weight between 180-190lbs.  So far so good.  I for the most part still track my caloric intake.  I'm getting back on track with taking my vitamins too.



Sep 15, 2012

Havent't made s blog post lately so I thought I would.  I am now still at my record low of 165lbs, and could keep losing if I want to.  I dunno, I feel good at this weight though so maybe I will work on toning muscle more. I am about 2 1/2 years post op.  This surgery I can say, has saved my life, and I have no regrets.


Mar 23, 2012

Had my Penniculectomy Wednesday, March 21.  Everything went well, and I feel ok as long as I take my pain meds on time lol.  I'll be excited to see what it looks like once the binding gets changed by my surgeon on Monday.  So far recovery has been pretty good.

Panniculectomy update..

Mar 02, 2012

Received the approval letter and authorization from my insurance company to have the panniculectomy.  Surgeon's office has me scheduled to have it done on March 21st.  Feels great having kept the over 200lbs off, and will feel even better to have some of this sagging skin removed, although I am a little nervous about the surgery and how I'll feel after it.  Will keep my OH profile updated
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Oh my, how the time fly's by!

Feb 12, 2012

Just wanted to put in a quick blog and "check-in" with my ObesityHelp profile.  I still frequent the forums, but tend to lurk more then post anything these days.  At this point I am around 21 months post-op, fastly approaching my 2 year surgiversary this May 28th 2012.  I am happy that I have been able to keep the weight off.  The scale will sometimes dip down, and then up a few pounds, and then back down, and now I just use it once in a while to make sure I am stil "in-check".  I will possibly be having a Panniculectomy to remove my waistline excess skin, etc...my surgeon's office has petitioned my insurance company to see if they will cover some of the costs as they are stating it is medically necissary and not cosmetic, so we will see.  I don't FEEL like I have a ton of loose skin, but I do have quite a bit.  Overall I feel great, still trying to remember all the vitimins, etc. (kinda been bad about that but working on being better).  At this point most all foods are sit fine in my stomach...which is both good and bad because I have to be careful not to over eat, either in one sitting or by grazing.  I now understand how it would be possible to gain weight back by munching on crap through out the entire day....all those calories would add up, so I am careful to not do that.  I battle the drinking diet soda thing, I should only drink water but I continually struggle with drinking diet Mt. Dew.  Still can't believe I have lost over 200lbs, blows me away each time I think about it.  It's great to feel great.

Woot 11 Months Completed!

Apr 26, 2011

Well as of tomorrow I will be going into my 12th post-op month, my Surgerversary is 5/28/2011.  I am still loosing, however it is at a much slower rate then the previous months.  I have lost a total of about 190lbs in 11months time.  I have gone from 385lbs to 195lbs.  I feel GREAT!  I guess the important thing is that I am still going down and not up in weight.  I have learned that tastes come back, and that now comes the real "hard part" which I feel pretty prepared for.  Hunger has returned, sweets are tolerable, alchohol consumable, and the potential to fall into old habbits is a ongoing threat.  Quantity has increased as predicted, and boundries tested, and now comes the most important part of my continued sucess.  I must stay away from falling into old habbits, I must refrain from eating out of bordom, out of emotions, because now I can hold down candy, my stomach can hold more, I can tolerate breads, etc...BUT I am confident I can continue to thrive as long as I continue to hold myself accountable.  I will admit Easter was rough, I had one a peanut butter egg, I beat myself up over it, and what it did was provide me with the reality that I could very well go down a slippery slope if I am not careful.  Gonna keep chugging along, and hope that the scale continues to either go down or remain the same, as long as its not going up I'll be happy. 


Also, still getting use to having all these damn bones lol  Been having a hard time sitting for any length of time and sleeping due to being well...very boney with no padding lol.  I guess I'll just get use to it, very weird feeling though.


Still holding strong :)

Mar 09, 2011

I am into my 10th month and still holding strong, still in a state of disbelief and shock   I have yet to have any complications from the surgery.  I went from weighing 385lbs to 207lbs so far...simply freaking amazing!  I am still losing, not as fast but still losing anyway.  I had my split sleep study last Friday...and they never woke me up nor did they put a CPAP mask on me...which leads me to think that my sleep apnea must be gone, otherwise they would have woken me up and slapped a CPAP mask on my head and started fiddling with pressure settings lol.  So far this whole thing has been worth it, and I would do it again in a heart beat.  Making the life style and eating changes, along with this "tool" has given me a second chance.  Still adjusting to the new me, it's going to take some getting use to :-)

Checking in..

Feb 09, 2011

Well so far so good, I see the surgeon tomorrow just to check me out because I've been having some side pain while exersizing, but other then that I am doing and feeling great.  I have 5 more pounds to go and I will have met the surgical weight that they set for me...210lbs!  I am very excited to be almost at the goal, so far I've lost 170lbs, can't wait for it to be 175lbs gone forever!  I've had to downsize my jeans and shirts again lol.  Anyways, just wanted to do a check in blog, I hope everyone is doing well who might read this :)


Checking in

Jan 05, 2011

It's been a little while since I have entered a blog entry so I thought I would give an update.  So far I am down to 230lbs from 385lbs, and I feel really good.  The holidays have come and gone and I managed to stay away from most of the no-no foods and I think I really handled it well.  I still struggle with watching what loved ones around me are eating and how it impacts them.  My new relationship with food has me looking at how others utilize food as well, and it is getting more and more disturbing to me, and I need to just keep my eyes focused on myself, but its hard when you care about other people and want the best for them as well.  I've also felt a lack in support through-out this entire journey, and that dissappoints me, mainly from my wife.  Sure she is very happy with my weight loss, and says I'm doing great, but I don't think she quite realizes that when she makes things like two dozen cookies and puts them in a see-through cookie jar on the kitchen counter it bothers me.  I am in no way trying to control anything that she wants to eat, but blatently putting it in my face seems kind of well...rude lol.  I also dont like knowing the kids each had 4 cookies at snack time, that bothers me.  We are on different wave lengths and that makes me nervous.  I understand that I had the surgery, and that it is not all about ME and that I will have issues and need to deal with it, and that I can't expect the people around me to change just because I have, it's just hard.  Friday is my monthly support group at the hospital for weight-loss patients, and family is encouraged to come and support...she happens to be off from work Friday and could come with me to show her support, but I am 95% sure she is not going to...what do I do with that?  Well I guess this turned out to be a whiney blog to all those who read it lol.  I'll stop my whining now 
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Feeling great!

Nov 14, 2010

So last week I saw my dietician to do a test to see how many calories I burn just being alive, and the results were that I burn 2318 calories just breathing not including moving or doing any form of excersize.  My metabolism she said is normal, which made me very happy.  I have lost 137 lbs now total in just 5 months.  She anticipated I'll meet my goal of weighing 210lbs in two or three more months.  I never thought it would have been possible to go from weighing 385lbs to 247lbs in 5 months!  She did say I am losing a little faster then some people but we both think it's probably because I was so big to start with, and due to the fact that I am a huge calorie counter lol.  She did encourage me not to become too paranoid about food though, and that it would be ok to get the flavored greek yogurt with the extra 15 calories so it might actually taste better lol.  Well that's all for now, I hope everyone is doing well in their journey!
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