Woot 11 Months Completed!

Apr 26, 2011

Well as of tomorrow I will be going into my 12th post-op month, my Surgerversary is 5/28/2011.  I am still loosing, however it is at a much slower rate then the previous months.  I have lost a total of about 190lbs in 11months time.  I have gone from 385lbs to 195lbs.  I feel GREAT!  I guess the important thing is that I am still going down and not up in weight.  I have learned that tastes come back, and that now comes the real "hard part" which I feel pretty prepared for.  Hunger has returned, sweets are tolerable, alchohol consumable, and the potential to fall into old habbits is a ongoing threat.  Quantity has increased as predicted, and boundries tested, and now comes the most important part of my continued sucess.  I must stay away from falling into old habbits, I must refrain from eating out of bordom, out of emotions, because now I can hold down candy, my stomach can hold more, I can tolerate breads, etc...BUT I am confident I can continue to thrive as long as I continue to hold myself accountable.  I will admit Easter was rough, I had one a peanut butter egg, I beat myself up over it, and what it did was provide me with the reality that I could very well go down a slippery slope if I am not careful.  Gonna keep chugging along, and hope that the scale continues to either go down or remain the same, as long as its not going up I'll be happy. 


Also, still getting use to having all these damn bones lol  Been having a hard time sitting for any length of time and sleeping due to being well...very boney with no padding lol.  I guess I'll just get use to it, very weird feeling though.


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