Oh my, how the time fly's by!

Feb 12, 2012

Just wanted to put in a quick blog and "check-in" with my ObesityHelp profile.  I still frequent the forums, but tend to lurk more then post anything these days.  At this point I am around 21 months post-op, fastly approaching my 2 year surgiversary this May 28th 2012.  I am happy that I have been able to keep the weight off.  The scale will sometimes dip down, and then up a few pounds, and then back down, and now I just use it once in a while to make sure I am stil "in-check".  I will possibly be having a Panniculectomy to remove my waistline excess skin, etc...my surgeon's office has petitioned my insurance company to see if they will cover some of the costs as they are stating it is medically necissary and not cosmetic, so we will see.  I don't FEEL like I have a ton of loose skin, but I do have quite a bit.  Overall I feel great, still trying to remember all the vitimins, etc. (kinda been bad about that but working on being better).  At this point most all foods are sit fine in my stomach...which is both good and bad because I have to be careful not to over eat, either in one sitting or by grazing.  I now understand how it would be possible to gain weight back by munching on crap through out the entire day....all those calories would add up, so I am careful to not do that.  I battle the drinking diet soda thing, I should only drink water but I continually struggle with drinking diet Mt. Dew.  Still can't believe I have lost over 200lbs, blows me away each time I think about it.  It's great to feel great.


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