4 miles today...

Jul 22, 2014

I walked 4 miles today, it was a good day.. but now.. I am home alone, in my house.. with a fridge, and it has food in it.... This is a problem for me. On the upside, I weighed in today under 180.. 179.8, I'll take it. Staying under 1200 calories a day (most days under 1000) is very difficult 10 years out, but I am trying my very best to stay on track before the stupid winter hits and Im baricated in the house again.. Thinking about joining the YMCA for when I cant walk outside, NY winters are to brutal. Ok, thats it, just wanted to check in for the day to keep me on track, it worked the first time around, why not now. Oh yeah, just wanted to give a quick shout out to my BMI of 39.... fuck you. You're going down baby.


This is hard...

Jul 21, 2014

Ok, so Im doing this for real.. But you know what really bothers me??? 32.9 BMI... Seriously?? I am so angry at this stupid number. More angry than I am at the dumb scale that lately has been my friend at 180.2 (down 6 pounds since last week). morbidly obese?? REALLY??? at 180?? Please.. This is pissing me off more than it should. Irritated today...


Day 8

Jul 19, 2014

Day 8, 4 pounds down and feeling good, trying to get back on track after 10 years and a 50 pound weight gain. Ive been walking at least 2 miles a day and keeping my calories under 1200, slow but steady I guess, but its annoying. I want the weight to come off like it did in 2004 and thats never going to happen. Oh well, time to do it this way... uggh


I'm back..

Jan 18, 2010

Omg, its been so long. I hope everybody is doing well. I've gained some weight back but I feel so much better. Still having problems with my foot, but mentally I am doing so well. I'm going to post up some pictures tomorrow with the help of my twelve year old. (hee hee hee, after all these years I still cant use this thing, I guess I'm getting old).. Just thought I would update a bit, more soon when I don some pics. There are some on here from a year ago, I look basically the same except I cut my hair short. TT everyone soon..  !! 

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