I can do this...right??

Mar 12, 2013

There are days that I feel like I got this...I am on the mend...don't really think about food...getting my water in and doing good with my choices. I have been consistently losing weight since my pre-op diet and everyone says that I am doing well.

Then I have a day like today that I slept till 10:30am, didn't get my protein or water in and felt like after two bites from dinner I was stuck. :( The days like today make me question what I have done...will this be successful or will I do something to screw this up too.

I got denied originally from insurance because they said I was non-compliant with my band...I lost 80 lbs but gained it back after I got the fluid and band taken out. Are they right? Can I not do this and days like today are just preparing me to fail at losing weight yet again??

I know that b$tch in my head that beats my self esteem up has get ahold of me today...she won't stick around but I am glad that I have a place like this to come and vent, worry and confide.

I can do this....I can do this....I can do this!!!!


Tomorrow is the day!!

Feb 25, 2013

In about 26 hours I will be getting prepped for surgery. I am excited and very nervous about tomorrow. I want everything to go smoothly and for my kiddos, parents and hubby not to have to worry. I am doing this so I can be with them for many years to come and I would be lying if I said that the surgery didn't scare me.

I'm tired of struggling with my weight...I know that this surgery isn't a magic answer but I know that is it is going to be a tool that I work the heck out of!!

My prayer is that things go smoothly, that my family and friends are comforted as they wait tomorrow, that my dr's hand is guided by the hand of God and that tomorrow is the start to something AMAZING in my life!!

Hugs my friends!


Be careful what you wish for...you just might get it!!

Feb 21, 2013

Found out today that my surgery will not be the end of March...it will be NEXT WEEK! I am scheduled for 4pm on 2/27 and I can't wait to get on the road to the healthier, happy, thinner me!!

My stomach has butterflies....I don't think that it has really set in yet....



Feb 14, 2013

I finally received my letter that my appeal had been approved and I can have surgery!! I am so stinkin' excited!!!

I am hoping that I can get a surgery date in the next month and be on the road to losing! I know my DH has been struggling since he had surgery and I didn't so I am hopeful that this will be good for both of us and we will be successful together.

So much to look forward to! Trying to be patient and not call the dr's office right this minute...but I might have to go ahead so these butterflies will slow down in my tummy!

Yea me! :)

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Keep on, keeping on!!

Nov 29, 2012

Well I have had my second meeting with the nutritionist yesterday and he said I am doing great! After my appt with him on Dec 13th I will be resubmitted to insurance and hopefully get approval since the lapband is already out and is not a factor anymore.

Hubby's RNY surgery got moved up to 11/19 so he is doing great and working hard at doing what he should...I am so proud of him.

Hopefully I will be joining him on the loser's bench very soon!


Frustration/Excitement...what a roller coaster this is!!

Nov 15, 2012

Well I have still not been approved for my RNY surgery. I am completely frustrated and wish that I had the ability to make the insurance company just "see" why I need this and want it so bad!

I am in the process of seeing a different nutritionist to hopefully get approved in a month or so. I am getting my band taken out on Monday...I am excited and sad too. I had so hoped that this lapband would be my answer to losing weight. When I told my new nutritionist, Patrick, that I felt like a weight loss failure he said he didn't believe in weight loss failures...he said that there were only weight loss roadblocks and once you knew what worked for you then everyone could have weight loss success. From his mouth to God's ear!

My hubby is having his RNY surgery on Monday (he is on here too...IAMSHANET) :) I am so excited for him! I know he is nervous and all of us have issues with food and I think that he is worried that his relationship with food is going to change. He knows that it is a good thing but it is still a bit overwhelming for him and I pray that everything goes smoothly for him Monday.


Starting a new adventure...the road to revision.

Oct 21, 2012

Well it has been quite awhile since I stopped by here...was doing good with my band or so I thought. The Cliff notes version is...turned out that it was too tight and that I was why I was losing weight...sometimes food would go through...sometimes it wouldn't. Had to get the fluid taken out because it had caused my esophogus to herniate...then I had issues with my gall bladder...then I broke my ankle & foot and to be non-weight bearing for 8 weeks...while still having no fluid in the band...and as my weight slowly continued to creep up. :(

So here I am hoping to have revision to RNY. My hubby is going through the same process. He has been approved for both surgeries and is scheduled for surgery in November and December. Our dr...does 2...one to take out the band and the other to do the RNY. It gives time for your body to heal some from having the band taken out.

I have been approved for the lap band removal but not for the RNY so we are starting the appeal process. Hoping that it comes through...so I can move on with this new part of my life. 

What a difference a couple of days make!

Oct 04, 2008

I am on the road to recovery. I had a couple of hard days this week and they found a small clot in my calf the other day so I have to keep my eye on that.

I am excited to see where life will go because of my new band...it is really like a dream!

Still trying to get rest and do what I need to do to recover back to new.

I am SO ready for this exciting ride!

It seems almost like a dream...

Sep 28, 2008

I have waited so long for this time to get here and now it is my reality.

My surgery and recovery has been pretty uneventful so far. Which is a HUGE blessing. I am really surprised how easy everything has been so far. My tummy is sore and I have a pain in my shoulder/neck, which I am not sure is gas or tension but other than that things are good.

I am a little more hungry than I expected but I think that some of that is head hunger and not neccessarily tummy hunger.

I am excited to see how things unfold from here. Life is going to be different from now on it is such an exciting prospect! I can't wait to see how I look and feel a year from now! (heck, even a month from now!) heehee

Sept. 26th needs to hurry up and get here!

Sep 13, 2008

I am so ready to start this new journey...I have a feeling that the next two weeks are going to be SOOOOO long! I have a couple of appointments that I need to get taken care of before surgery so the time is a good thing but I am just ready for it to be here.

I have alot of stuff going on in my life right now and I know that these things will not go away after the surgery but I am hoping that they will take a backseat to it.

One true blessing of this surgery has been that I have found this place. I have found so many people (and new friends) that I know will help me in this journey and will help me succeed!!

Hugs! :o)

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What a difference a couple of days make!
It seems almost like a dream...
Sept. 26th needs to hurry up and get here!