Starting a new adventure...the road to revision.

Oct 21, 2012

Well it has been quite awhile since I stopped by here...was doing good with my band or so I thought. The Cliff notes version is...turned out that it was too tight and that I was why I was losing weight...sometimes food would go through...sometimes it wouldn't. Had to get the fluid taken out because it had caused my esophogus to herniate...then I had issues with my gall bladder...then I broke my ankle & foot and to be non-weight bearing for 8 weeks...while still having no fluid in the band...and as my weight slowly continued to creep up. :(

So here I am hoping to have revision to RNY. My hubby is going through the same process. He has been approved for both surgeries and is scheduled for surgery in November and December. Our dr...does to take out the band and the other to do the RNY. It gives time for your body to heal some from having the band taken out.

I have been approved for the lap band removal but not for the RNY so we are starting the appeal process. Hoping that it comes I can move on with this new part of my life. 


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