Frustration/Excitement...what a roller coaster this is!!

Nov 15, 2012

Well I have still not been approved for my RNY surgery. I am completely frustrated and wish that I had the ability to make the insurance company just "see" why I need this and want it so bad!

I am in the process of seeing a different nutritionist to hopefully get approved in a month or so. I am getting my band taken out on Monday...I am excited and sad too. I had so hoped that this lapband would be my answer to losing weight. When I told my new nutritionist, Patrick, that I felt like a weight loss failure he said he didn't believe in weight loss failures...he said that there were only weight loss roadblocks and once you knew what worked for you then everyone could have weight loss success. From his mouth to God's ear!

My hubby is having his RNY surgery on Monday (he is on here too...IAMSHANET) :) I am so excited for him! I know he is nervous and all of us have issues with food and I think that he is worried that his relationship with food is going to change. He knows that it is a good thing but it is still a bit overwhelming for him and I pray that everything goes smoothly for him Monday.


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