Pre-Surgery Update- Part 2

May 21, 2018

It's been a few weeks since my last blog post and a lot has happened. here is Part 2

May 17th- I had my uper ednoscpopy (EGD)scheduled with my surgeron. Because of family history and my age, he also wanted to do a colonoscopy. A 2 or 1 is what I called it, but the nurses called it a "double". Other than having wisdom teeth removed I had never had a significant medical procedure performed. Needless to say I was very nervous. I was especuially neverous about the prep. I had MoviPrep perscribed. I fasted for 24 hours before starting the prep. The 1st  dose/container of Movi-Prep went down okay. i took the first dose as prescribed, in about 45 minutes. Within 30 minutes, it was working. 3.5 hours later I started the 2nd dose/container. This time was different. It wouldnt go down. My stomach was full and I couldnt drink it without gagging. It look me almost 2 hours to drink all of the 2nd dose. I dont care how bad the prep used to be, it is still bad. The tiolet time wasn't bad. Keeping down that 2nd dose was though. It was simply awful.

The next day everything went great. I was scheduled for 1030. I checked in at 830, was prepped by 930, and went into the procedure room at 1045. The IV didnt bother me (I was nervous because I had never had an IV put in before) and the propofol worked great. I was out within seconds once it was administed and by the time I had woken up the surgeon had already talked with my wife and I was ready to dress and leave. I found out that 1 pollup was removed and will be tested, but it looked to be benign. No issues with the EGD either. Within an hour I was eating fully again and had no lasting side effects.

May 18th- Due to poor scheduling, I had my monthly weight loss meeting the morning after my EGN/colonoscopy. It was okay becuase my wife had a surgical consult the same time. (I have a lot to say about that about that, but I will save it for another post). I was down 9 lbs since last  weight management visit, which put me at 29 lbs lost since I started. Weight management doctor was impressed with my results and made sure I was getting everything completed that would be required to get VSG surgery approved by insurance. He also shared with me the results of my sleep study, before the pulmanologist did. It turns out as no surprise that I have moderate sleep apnea. I was actually pleased that it was classified as moderate, as I thought it would be considered severe. It will also give me a co-morbidity, in addition to my BMI) that will ensure that I qualify for VSG in case my insurance will not accept my starting BMI. Starting BMI was >40, but now its less than 40 (but sill above 35).

In addition to the monthly eight loss visits (4 more to go) the last big hurdle I have is to schedule my pyschological consult. Although September still seems a long way off, it is quicker getting closer. And now that Ive had 1 medical procedure performed, I feel much more at ease about going through VSG.   

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