Update on Pre-Surgery Program- Part 1

May 21, 2018

It's been a few weeks since my last blog post and a lot has happened.

May 3- Took my at-home sleep study. Picked up my equipment that morning, got a 20 minute tutorial on how to use it. I took it home and used it that night. Actually it was very easy. I didn't sleep great because I had to sleep on my back and I'm used to sleeping on my side. Otherwise it was fine. Still waiting on results, but more on that later in this blog post.

May 14th- I had my required visit to the nutritonist.Weigh-in showed I had lost 26 lbs since I started in February. Visit was very easy because most of her recommendations were things I had already been doing, many thanks to posts and blogs I read on OH. We spent most of the time talking about post-surgery diet. The funny thing was that I was neverous about this visit because I was afraid I would be lectured to about my food choices and eating habits by some super fit and skinny nutritionist. My nutritionist was nothing like that. She wasn't super fit or skinny, but she was super friendly and very supportive. No lecturing. No criticizing. She was very educational in a real world practical way. For example instead of saying "no fast food", she said limit your fast food and here are some healthier options if you have to eact fast food. She was extremely easy to talk to and being a larger woman, she was much more relatable. I didn't feel judged or looked down on because of my size.


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