Blog Update- July (month 5)

Jul 09, 2018

Well its been almost two months since my last blog update so here is an update.

The last blog was focused on my EGD/colonoscopy and diagnosis of sleep apnea. Nothing real exciting to report since then. I have been on my CPAP machine for almost 3 weeks now. I am still getting used to it. Of course I'm not too crazy about it but I guess I'll get used to it. Or at least use it as motivation to lose weight in the hopes (but no guarnetee) that I will eliminate my sleep apnea. So heres hoping I won't have to use the CPAP for a long time.

I had my monthly visit with my weight management program (wmp) bariatic doctor. I'm down 35 lbs since the start of the program so he was happy with my progress. Biggest suprise was that he said I only had 2 more visits with him (July and August). I must have been counting wrong as I thought we were 3 more visits left (July/August/September). This means that the office will submit my VSG request to my insurance company after my 6th and last visit to my bariatic program doctor (in late August, not September as I had previosly thought).

I also had a my 3-month visit to my surgeon's P.A. to make sure I was on track with my program. She was very pleased with my progress. Nothing really new revealed or discussed. they just want to confirm I am still interested in the surgery and am on track to meet all the pre-surgery requirments.

Today I had my physcological consult. I've never been to a conseling session before. I had to fill out a dozen or so pages of questions (took about 30 minutes) and then have an hour long conversation with the pyschologist. I guess it went okay. She was friendly, but I never felt really comfortable. I felt like she didn't believe a lot of what I was saying. I wasn't afriad to speak my mind and gave her a lot to speak to. She is going to sign off on my surgery, but recommends 1-2 sessions with her before the surgery. I get that, she wants to give as much conseling as she can, for my benefit (and of course her benefit ($) too). But it is a recommendation and not a requirment. Has anyone else done more than 1 counseling session prior to surgery?



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