All Pre-surgery Insurance Requirements Met!! Awaiting Approval

Aug 29, 2018

Last Friday I had my final doctor's visit required for my 6 month weight management program. He was ready happy with my progress and felt good about me continuing on to surgery. I expected to hear him say that my case was ready to be submitted to my insurance for approval, but he told me the office still didn't have my pysch evaluation. The pysch evaluation was the only appointment with a specialist who wasn't associated with my weight management clinic. They did however recommend this pyschologist that I went to and she works with the clinic frequently. My pysch evaluation was in early July. How on earth did the WL clinic not have it by August 25th? I promptly called her office and left a message. She called back within an hour and claimed she sent the report to the clinic in late July. I called the WL clinic and let as message, but did not get a call back that day. Needless to say I was furious over the weekend.

On Monday I got an email from my WL clinic that the report had been located and that all documents were good to go. I'm hoping that means my case will be submitted to my insurance this week. The WL Clinic told me it usually takes 1-2 weeks to get an approval, but I've heard from others that is usually about a week. I really hope it happens quickly considering that my surgeron told me that they are booking surgeries about 1.5 months out now. I really want to get the surgery done in October, which is normally a slow time for me with my job and I wont have to battle my co-workers for time off.

I can't believe my six months program is finished. 6 months seemed so long when I started this journey. I've stalled with my weight loss in the past month, but overall I've lost 36 lbs since my first appointment (2/14/2018). I wanted to get under 280 by the end of my 6 months (286 now) but my doctor told me not to worry. He said I will easily hit that mark once I start the pre-surgery liquid diet phase.     

Hopefuly my next blog update will be about a insurance approval and I will have a surgery date.


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