I hate waiting....so frustrating!!

Sep 18, 2018

In my last bog post (8/28/18) I shared that I had met all my pre-op insurance requirements and my proedure was going to be submitted to my insurance for approval. I had thought by now (9/18) that I would have a response , but no...I'm still waiting. I was told that my procedure would be submitted no later than 8/31. However the WLS office needed a simple piece of information from me (so simple that I was able to give it over the phone in 30 seconds) and yet they waited until 9/7 to even call me. So my procedure wasn't even submitted to my insurance until 9/11. And they tell me that it takes 3-4 weeks to get a respone from the insurance carrier I have. Don't get me wrong. I love my WLS clinic. The surgeon is great, and all the doctors and specialists there have been not short of amazing. But the office staff is really disappointing me.They are often making mistakes and not communicating well with me.  


I am so frustrated. I really wanted the procedure done in October as it was most convienent time for my family and my job. However, knowing that I may have another 2 weeks to wait on the approval, and that they usually schedule surgery dates 1-2 months after approval; I'm pretty sure October (and maybe even November) is out of the question. I'll get it done in December if I have to, but I really wanted to avoid that time. My wife had gastric band surgery in December and she was miserable around the holidays. But getting it done this year is the key. I will be really upset if they can't schedule it until 2019 since I've already met my insurance deductible for the year and if they do push it to 2019 then I will have to pay a lot out of pocket.


I was fine with waiting the 6 months for my weight management program and specialist visits, but this waiting now is the worst because I have no control over it and I don't know when I will get an answer.I havent handled the frustration well and have reverted to some poor diet choices and a lack of motivation to exercise. I know its up to me to change that (and I have in the past days) but the motivation isnt where it was when I was having monthly doctors visits. I'll keep pushing along but I wont lie, its been very hard the past 2 weeks.

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