Feb 09, 2011

Yesterday was my official 1 year post op from RNY!  I am at my goal weight... seen my doctor yesterday too... and everything seems to be going well!  The only exception is that back in October I had an accident at work (fell down my bus steps) and since I didn't have the "padding" I used to have, I hurt myself and still am being treated for that.  Long story short .. my blood pressure is high when I don't take the pain meds.  Lord willing, I will be able to shed those pills too and hopefully soon!  The most awesome part of having this surgery is CLOTHES SHOPPING and plenty of it too... I absolutely love the thrift stores because I have had to replace my wardrobe 4 times.  I am amazed at how many clothes I can find to wear now and in tyle too!!  Hope everyone else's journey is successful!  Have a wonderful day!

I am almost 4 months post op and feeling awesome!

May 26, 2010

I am almost 4 months post op and feeling really good! I am a litlle over 1/2 way to my goal weight.... getting my eating down right and my liquids.  I think that was the hardest part was "getting into the groove" and making it a habit.  I put an old belt on today, it has my favorite horse buckle and I almost forgot how much I liked it!  I am down into size 12's...haven't seen that in over 15+ years.  There were a couple of times that I cried and admittingly tell you wondered what I had done to myself.  I NOW HAVE THE ANSWER and Yes, I would do it all over again!  Bring on the Summer!!!  

2.5 months post op!

Apr 19, 2010

I can't believe it... 2.5 months post op!  I am down 43 pounds....into a size 14 and feeling wonderful!  Atleast that's what I keep telling myself!  Why do I not feel really excited?  Why do I feel like something is missing?  I still get very tired, low on iron, can't seem to eat much (and it's not the portion size that bothers me), I just can't seem to adjust to switching up my menus.... my I don't even have a menu!  My favorite things have become the yogurt drink for breakfast, protein bar for snack, I can barely tolerate the cottage cheese anymore, and the wonderful protein drink that I make using the Liqua Cell and cran grape 100% juice and ice.  The highlight of my day!  Tonight, I put all my reservations aside and ate shrimp cocktail for supper.  Will it stay down?  I hope so...  so far I am not having any dumping syndrome so maybe I can add this to my very short list of foods I can tolerate.  I certainly don't mean to sound so negative, I just need to vent a bit.  And truthfully, no one has really answered me on this website, so I figure no one will be listening to me wine anyhow!  lol... 

The Night Before!!

Feb 08, 2010

It is 7:33pm and in 10 1/2 hours I'll be at the hospital getting ready for my surgery!!  Where did the time go???  I remember when the weekend before surgery was my focal point and now.. well.. getting thru the night is my focal point.  My daughter brought our grandbabies down to visit and then took them to her dad's house to stay and she is spending the night here with my husband and I.  All three of us... sitting here on our own computers...  what a site!!  We don't even bother to have the TV  Am I nervous?  Not really yet.  I am soooo tired because I have been having so many dreams the last 3 nights and not able to sleep well that I am hoping that tonight will be "my" night.  I have to get up at 4:30a in order to be at the hospital at 6:00a.  My surgery is scheduled at 7:30a, but prep time is required so....  

It's unbelievable, the support that I have.  I feel like the president or  My wonderful husband leaves me no worries as to whether when we grow old who will be the main caretakers for us (he will).  I can't begin to find enough words to explain how much I love him.  He's given me so much in such little time together.  ANY woman would find he is a jewel.  But don't worry, he's not up for grabs!!!   As long as there is breath in this body, HE'S MINE!  lol......

Online support has been great too!!  My bariatric siblings in weight rivilry.  They have been awesome!!  Now, my daughter..  I know she wants to be support, but I think she is letting the surgery thing get to her.  She's a worry-wart.  Wonder where she got that from?  She told me the other day, "I am the one used to being on the table, not having you on there".  I told her.. you know where you got your strength and will to live from??   : )

Welp, I guess this is enough for tonight.  I've got my bags packed and I should re-run over instructions and such to make sure I am ready.  Till another time. 

Now down to 3 days to go...

Feb 05, 2010

Welp, I've survived the liquid diet thusfar!  It's 6 am Saturday morning and I don't know what I am doing up, but I do know that I can't  I have 3 days to go till surgery.  I wonder how many others have felt like this; anxious, excited, rethinking (did i do all that I could do to loose weight on my own?), hopeful, and many unnamed emotions.  Could I just do this liquid diet and keep loosing it this way?  But...but... what happens when I stop it?  What will happen to my weight then?  I truly know ... I need this help, this tool, to use it to maintain being a healthier me.  If I could have done it on my own... I would have already done it!  So I'll start packing my bag, as small as it may be because I don't know what to take with me other than my own robe and slippers.  It just seems like every story I read .. the person is buying things they need at the hospital to pack in their bag.  Whatever that may be.  My daughter and her family are coming down today to spend some time with me before surgery.  She is one that has undergone many life-substaining surgeries in her 27 years.  She was born with a heart problem and from the began a journey that I wouldn't wish upon anyone to walk.  She is a hero!  My hero.  She has survived numerous major operations.  She told me the other day she was nervous - she is used to being the one on the table not me.  I told her welcome to my world... trying to ease the conversation.  Then I reassured her everything would be okay.  She is the most wonderful person I have ever met and my world.  She has defied the odds and given me two wonderful grandbabies, a grandson & a granddaughter.  There is a lesson in itself... I had prepared myself all of her life that I was not going to ever be a grandma because it was life threatening for her to bare children; welp, no one over powers the will of God.  I praise hiim every day for the gifts in life that he has given me.  As well, as my husband.  I couldn't have ever been any happier with a man.  He is just totally awesome!  So loving, so caring, and most of all a terrific person.  After 8 years... I still get butterflies! 
Well, I guess I've spilled my guts pretty good here.... lol..  think I'm nervous?  Or just letting the world know how I feel?  Whatever it's my blog for the time being.  Have a great day!

3rd day down

Feb 01, 2010

3rd day down on my liquid diet!!  it's not as bad as some might think, including myself before i began it.  of course, it helps tremendously that my husband is doing the diet as well (in support of me).  i worry about him doing it, but he is insistent on it.  guess it couldn't hurt if i am doing it.  looking forward to the weekend!!  then 3 days ...

Surgery Date Scheduled

Jan 29, 2010

February 9th is my surgery date!!  Started my liquid diet today.  My husband has decided as encouragement and support, he is going to do the 2 weeks liquid diet with me.  Bless his heart!  We both are so very excited!  To finally, at last, have some light at the end of the tunnel of fat and bad health!  Thank you Lord Jesus! 

Somebody....pinch me!!

Jan 28, 2010

I HAVE BEEN APPROVED!!! After a long and anxiety-filled start of my journey.... I have FINALLY been approved!  Looking to start my liquid diet tomorrow.  Please pray for me!! lol...   I am now really interested in hearing how people have survived the surgery and any tips you may have.  Thank you and God Bless.

will tomorrow be...

Jan 14, 2010

Will tomorrow be the day that I get approval??  Will I get a surgery date??  I am trying to be patient, but my anxiety is growing more every day.  It has been 5 months now and I have completed "every" requirement the insurance has asked of me. 

Still waiting, still searching...

Jan 05, 2010

I have not heard back from the insurance yet...  they were looking to have comfirmation that I have completed more than three nutritional classes; which I have.  I figured at the very beginning that I was going to keep going to them even if the insurance didn't require 6 months of them.  More tools, better off I will be.  So, still playing the waiting game.  I started changing some eating habits and taking smaller portions, but I find that I am extremely hungry.  It's affecting my sleeping.. I awake to hunger and can't seem to go back to sleep until I finally cave in and go to the kitchen to rummage for something.  I also find I am having withdrawals for the fatty eating that my body has grown accustom to.  But there is hope... I have gained back the love of radishes that I used to have.  I find the crunch of it and the bread I eat with it is filling.  Although, I know the bread is something that I will have to give up.  I am trying to keep my spirits up.  And pray, that God will see fit to allow me to receive the good news of a surgery date soon.  Till then....

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