Still waiting, still searching...

Jan 05, 2010

I have not heard back from the insurance yet...  they were looking to have comfirmation that I have completed more than three nutritional classes; which I have.  I figured at the very beginning that I was going to keep going to them even if the insurance didn't require 6 months of them.  More tools, better off I will be.  So, still playing the waiting game.  I started changing some eating habits and taking smaller portions, but I find that I am extremely hungry.  It's affecting my sleeping.. I awake to hunger and can't seem to go back to sleep until I finally cave in and go to the kitchen to rummage for something.  I also find I am having withdrawals for the fatty eating that my body has grown accustom to.  But there is hope... I have gained back the love of radishes that I used to have.  I find the crunch of it and the bread I eat with it is filling.  Although, I know the bread is something that I will have to give up.  I am trying to keep my spirits up.  And pray, that God will see fit to allow me to receive the good news of a surgery date soon.  Till then....


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