Now down to 3 days to go...

Feb 05, 2010

Welp, I've survived the liquid diet thusfar!  It's 6 am Saturday morning and I don't know what I am doing up, but I do know that I can't  I have 3 days to go till surgery.  I wonder how many others have felt like this; anxious, excited, rethinking (did i do all that I could do to loose weight on my own?), hopeful, and many unnamed emotions.  Could I just do this liquid diet and keep loosing it this way?  But...but... what happens when I stop it?  What will happen to my weight then?  I truly know ... I need this help, this tool, to use it to maintain being a healthier me.  If I could have done it on my own... I would have already done it!  So I'll start packing my bag, as small as it may be because I don't know what to take with me other than my own robe and slippers.  It just seems like every story I read .. the person is buying things they need at the hospital to pack in their bag.  Whatever that may be.  My daughter and her family are coming down today to spend some time with me before surgery.  She is one that has undergone many life-substaining surgeries in her 27 years.  She was born with a heart problem and from the began a journey that I wouldn't wish upon anyone to walk.  She is a hero!  My hero.  She has survived numerous major operations.  She told me the other day she was nervous - she is used to being the one on the table not me.  I told her welcome to my world... trying to ease the conversation.  Then I reassured her everything would be okay.  She is the most wonderful person I have ever met and my world.  She has defied the odds and given me two wonderful grandbabies, a grandson & a granddaughter.  There is a lesson in itself... I had prepared myself all of her life that I was not going to ever be a grandma because it was life threatening for her to bare children; welp, no one over powers the will of God.  I praise hiim every day for the gifts in life that he has given me.  As well, as my husband.  I couldn't have ever been any happier with a man.  He is just totally awesome!  So loving, so caring, and most of all a terrific person.  After 8 years... I still get butterflies! 
Well, I guess I've spilled my guts pretty good here.... lol..  think I'm nervous?  Or just letting the world know how I feel?  Whatever it's my blog for the time being.  Have a great day!


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