Sep 19, 2007

UPDATE:  9-18-07   I am down 53 pounds and will be having my photo added soon!  The journey has been so far so good.  I have had the typical issues with meat at times, but not often and it has gotten so much better.  My energy level is so much better when I am off from work :)  Isn't everyone's?!  I have had some hair loss even though I am proteined out!!!    My hairdresser assures me that I could lose half of my hair and still be fine as I have so much of it!  I have found this web site so helpful and informative.  The  OH conference was wonderfully done and professionally maintained.  A huge plus for me to get to go!  I also attend regular support group meetings and know that has been a saving grace.  Just sharing in the journey and having people who have been there and done that is so beneficial!  Plus I have made some new friends, and reconnected with old ones!!!    My bariatrician says that I am doing well lab wise, and I hope to continue with that!  I go back in three months!        

The Beginning

Sep 19, 2007

My story starts out from the age of 9.  I have struggled with obesity from a young girl, on into my teenage years, and then well into my adult life.  Losing weight was never a true problem, but keeping it off certainly has been.  I was always finding my weight plus that of everyone else!  By age 30, I was morbidly obese, and struggled with type 2 diabetes.  As a single mother raising a young son, I found myself digging further into the hole with my weight, until it literally weighed me down.  I finally took the plunge into the world of weight loss surgery, and have found the insurance not to be a problem, yet the process will definately make you certain if you are willing to go through it.  People have heart surgery with less hassle!  It has taken about three weeks for insurance approval, after getting everything gether and submitted.  And on March 15 2007, I was finally approved!!!  Hooray.  Now the fun begins..... I have an endoscopy scheduled along with a day of testing and nutritional needs.  I have also started the true workout of going to the gym and doing walking along with water aerobics.  Ugh..... but I want to be fit for surgery.  Not certain when that will be, but will update as this process proceeds!  I appreciate all prayers and insight. May 2nd.... Today is the day that I will have my date.  I am passed all of the prerequisites and am heading down the long stretch to wellness!             May 2nd. I am having surgery on May 29th!!!!!  This is sooner than I thought, but better for me... the day before my 43rd birthday.  Happy birthday to me!!!!!   I am so excited and a bit scared too!!!  I am getting ready.  Pray for me!!!!!  

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