I am so tired of being strong

Feb 20, 2010

I got a denial letter in the mail last week from my health insurance.  This is after I was told that "There isn't bariatric coverage" and then "Sorry, there is bariatric coverage" and now "no - we don't cover that".  I obviously appealed and sent copies of all the emails I have exchanged with UHC -- all stating that there is indeed coverage.  I am trying to remain strong but I am so sick of fighting the fight.  Why can't any of this go easy for me?  First, was getting this entire process started due to the insurance.  Then it was dealing with the NUT and now.....  I know this is what I want and I am not good with being told no.  But this WAITING is so awful.  i assumed when this all started last summer/ early fall --- I would have had my surgery by now.  Instead, the time keeps dragging on and I have absolutely NO control over any of it.  Please, LORD ---- help me out here!

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