I hate NOT having control over all of this

Feb 27, 2010

So, I have recieved the insurance companies response to my appeal.  They of course talked in such babble - I am still not 100% sure of what they are saying.  I THINK they are now saying that the reason they are not covering the procedure is because the surgeon I have selected is now NOT covered by the insurance BUT I think they are saying that the actual procedure IS covered.  (The convienently reviewed the request on Jan. 2nd.....  and I am quite certain this surgeon is supposed to be covered through June. )
I am contemplating, at this point, if I should just throw in the towel - as far as "fighting" to use the origional surgeon or if I should just switch to the surgeons that are now covered.  that would mean possibly not having surgery until summer --- or maybe even later.  to think that at one time I actually thought I might have the surgery by Christmas ---- and now I am looking at the 4th of July.
If I read the appeal response correctly, I should just be so greatful to have coverage for the surgery and stop feeling sorry for myself.  At least I can have the surgery (I think).