Why do they enjoy yanking my chain?

Apr 26, 2010

So, I have been patiently waiting for a response to my SECOND appeal from UHC since March 8.  Today, i finally lost all patience and called them.  The response was that they need 30 days to look into it.  I informed the "lovely" phone lady  (Karin) that I have actually already waited for nearly 60 days.  (She didn't seemed entertained by my logic.)  She put me on hold for the "required" 5 minutes only to come back on to inform me that she needed a little more time and finally came back on to get my phone number so that she can look into this and call me back TOMORROW!  WTF!!!!   If ANYONE  is considering UHC as an insurance provider or company health insurance administrator -- do not walk... RUN as far in the other direction as you can get!  This company sucks!!!!!   I have had nothing but trouble for over the past year with them.  UNITED HEALTHCARE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!