How can United Healthcare get away with this?

Jul 29, 2010

So, my surgeons office submitted my pre-auth. paperwork to UHC on July 5.  Today, I called UHC to check on the progress.  I was informed that they didn't have ANY pre-auth. paperwork!  I phoned the woman at my drs. office that handles submissions.  She looked at my file, had a copy of the completed transmission page from the fax, double checked the phone numbers with me, everything looked good on her side SO she offered to call UHC to figure things out.  45 minutes later she calls me back with the following information.
      When she called UHC on July 5th to get the fax number for submitting pre-auths.  she was given the correct fax number HOWEVER was NOT told that she needed a case number.
     Apparently, UHC policy is that if a pre-auth. comes in without a case number, the pre-auth. is automatically shredded!  Wouldn't you think the BUSINESS-LIKE thing to do would to be to call the number provided on the cover page of the fax and tell them that the submission is incomplete without the case number?  SO, I have been waiting 4 weeks for nothing because UHC SHREDDED my mother humping pre-auth. ten seconds after receiving it!
    Then, the insurance handler from my drs. office had to give them my mothers maiden name and my surgery date so she could NOW get a case number.  How are we supposed to know the surgery date when UHC has been jerking me around for over a year?  So, here I sit..... waiting....... again...... for UHC.

    My personal advice to EVERYONE is that if you are EVER offered insurance through UHC ---- RUN as fast as you can.  I never had any problems with other insurance companies.  UHC is like the slimiest version of all used car salesmen imaginable.

There is a part of me that wants to make it my life mission to drive UHC out of business!