3 days in the hospital

Jul 31, 2010

When I woke up this past Monday (7/26), I was extremely nauseous, dizzy, and everytime I took a drink of water or protein, I had a lot of discomfort in my stomach. I went back to bed later in the afternoon and napped, thinking I might feel better when I got up. Wrong. I felt much worse. I tried drinking again and just gagged it back up and what did go down caused the discomfort again. So I call the nurse, and she tells me to come into the office for a bag of fluids and labs in the morning. Well after 4 bags of fluids, I finally went to the bathroom, but very little. I was severely dehydrated and my potassium was low, and bilirubin levels were up. So of course I was admitted (great, my hubby deploys in 2 weeks and I am stuck in the hospital, he cant come visit b/c my 6yr old is sick). Got lots of fluids and banana bags. Had an ultrasound done for my gallbladder and they said that in the next few months I will more than likely have to have it removed. Great, another surgery. They also did an endoscopy, and found what looks like the start of an ulcer in my stomach, so they took a biopsy to make sure that I didn't have a bacterial infection, and my stomach is all inflammed and irritated. It will be a few days before I find out the results from the biopsy. So today is 7/31, I'm feeling a little better. The headache I've had all week FINALLY went away, and the nausea is getting a lot better. I am able to drink, but still get the discomfort in my stomach. They did put me back on an all liquid diet. No biggie to me. Who can really emjoy taking 2 tiny bites of food anyway?? Seems like a waste of even bothering as much as you have to chew for those small bites.  I'm 3 weeks 4 days post-op and just so tired of feeling like crap. I want to feel like me again.


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