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Dec 27, 2008

Well, if I can say anything, I can say my PCP is thorough...  I've had Dr's appointments 4 times this month to date (with another on Wed.) 

In my latest adventure, I was required to have not 1 but 2 ultrasounds.  The first, following 8hrs of no food, just to examine my abdominal cavity  (only God knows what he's looking for.)  Then I had to drink bottles of water to fill my bladder for the 2nd (pelvic) ultrasound.   

Anyway, yesterday I went back for the "sleep study."  It was not nearly as bad as I'd imagined.  I'd been occasionally reviewing posts on the sleep apnea message board (my suspicion of having apnea is what prompted the test) for more information.  It may be that some of those posts lowered my expectations to nil, because I was genuinely surprised at the pleasantness of the entire process.  My imagination can be vivid, so I'd envisioned being in bed in a stark white lab with "scientists" in lab coats staring at me behind a "one-way" mirror.  Not the case... a very personable nurse took me to the "examination room" which was designed just like any other bedroom (bed, nightstand, even a TV)...tasteful decor... The paperwork was relatively simple. 

To backtrack a little, my PCP believes I have GERD/acid reflux, not Apnea to which I disagree .  But he scheduled the test anyway (told you, thorough.)  So about 30mins before lying down for the test, I took my prescribed reflux meds.   An hour or so into the test (lying flat on my back, which I haven't done in years) I was not choking, coughing, sputtering the way I usually do in that position...I was fine???  and began to think - well crap... maybe I did have GERD all along and drifted off to sleep.  Well that thought was soon eliminated after the nurse had to awaken me to put on the breathing (CPAP?) mask - which I understand that they do only when it is determined that you need assistance to breathe.  So I may have both conditions.

Doc's vacationing this week, so all results will be compiled and passed to him.  I'll share results later...


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