Shooting for the sleeve...

Jan 14, 2009

My medical group IPA is Axminster Medical group.  In my research, I discovered that they tend to refer their bariatric patients to Dr. Korman at LA Bariatric Centers in Marina del Rey.  So I decided to attend the centers weight loss education seminar held on Saturday.

Seemed to be the typical obesity "charts and numbers presentation", then they covered the procedures typically performed at the center:  RNY and Lapband

I did inquire as to whether he'd done/offered the sleeve gastrectomy as that is my preferred treatment.  I was glad to hear that he has done the procedure as well as the DS, however he mentioned that he tends not to do them, because of malnutrition issues with the DS and because the sleeve just won't be approved by insurance .  I'm still going to take my chances on getting a sleeve.

I still cannot figure out for the life of me, why the sleeve has such difficulty being approved and the DS doesn't.  When in fact, the sleeve is the first step (in the 2 step) DS procedure... It makes no sense...


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