Surprise, surprise...

Feb 25, 2009

Finally had a follow up appointment w/ my PCP to go over test results.  He says "you have sleep apnea" (LOL, I kinda figured that out when Apria Health called me to pick up a CPAP machine last month.)  Anyway, ultrasound was normal (no fatty liver condition, )  Blood pressure still too high, so he's increased my BP meds and added a diuretic(?)

As he's prattling of a new list of tests that he'd like me to have, I mention:  At this point I'm seriously considering WLS and here's the research (yes, I brought notes)...

He's says:    wait... wait for it....

OK, got a surgeon in mind?

Huh?    I had mentally prepped myself for a fight...(my doc is very traditional.)  So, long story short:  I'm seeing Dr Crookes in mid-March  


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