Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 01, 2009

Another year gone! I must admit I am happy to see 2008 over! Globally it was a freakin’ debacle. Hopefully 2009 will be better for everyone. Well, I survived the holidays and maintained my weight, which was a plus.  I am so happy that the holiday season is over. I had a great one though. I got a chance to see my family in Memphis for Thanksgiving and Louisiana for Christmas, can’t ask for more! Both trips were absolutely WONDERFUL. Now it’s back to reality and meeting my goal. I have got to get my last 20 pounds off by hook or crook!!! My plans are to workout like crazy and eat right, so no more grazing. My workout partners want me to implement more weight trainer, so I am going to do that was well. They already work me like a mule, but I enjoy the payouts, so it’s worth it. I am in a size 10 bottom and medium shirts, but trying to get to a size 8 bottoms and small shirt, so I got some serious work to do.  Other than that, everything else in my life is pretty much on auto pilot. Nothing earth shattering going on. I posted pictures from my visit to Memphis and my book club Christmas social. I will post a few from my visit to Louisiana. Hopefully when you guys hear from me again, I will be closer to goal. As always, until next time, be safe, love yourself and keep smiling. Most of all keep LOSING!!! 


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