2 Years Ago!

May 16, 2009

Okay, I am a day late and a dollar short, but hey i'm here.  I think I manage to put the title of a book and a famous quote from a movie into one sentence.  Yeah, I'm that bad......LOL!!!  Well, two years ago yesterday I was going under the laser.  Two years ago today I was chillin' in my hospital bed excited about what I knew was ahead from me.  Well, after two years in the new body, I am still not comfortable being called small, little, skinny and all the other words used to describe someone my size.  Hey, I guess they are my size, because I still haven't gotten a handle on what size I actually am.  I still walk around looking at woman like I'm crazy, because I can't figure out if I am smaller or larger or does it even matter.  I can tell you that I am very happy.  I love, love, love shopping for clothes and shoes now.  Hell, I even wear matching accessories and I was NEVER the accessory type.  So, I still stand by my original words and say that having weight loss surgery was the BEST thing that I could have ever done for Nicole.  I mentioned that I am starting the process for a tummy tuck.  Well, I spoke with the doctor’s office yesterday and Heather (insurance person in the office) told me that all the paperwork has been sent and she feels that I will be approved.  I am waiting on that.  After my tummy tuck, I will be done with losing, just maintaining.  I am comfortable at this size.  Yes, I said that, I AM COMFORTABLE/HAPPY AT THIS SIZE!!!  I am starting back to school in August.  I am excited and over it all in the same.  I just have to finish, finish, finish.  My family is doing well.  The kids and Donald are the best.  I enjoy being a mom just as much as I enjoy being married.  It's truly hard work, but the rewards are worth the work you put into it.  Work and the gym are one in the same.  My gym is at my job, perfect.  I love my workout team, they continue to push me and keep me focused.  I have learned that it’s just as important to exercise as it is to eat.  I pretty much eat EVERYTHING, but in moderation and I work it off as soon as it’s digested well.  I can only eat about 6-8 ounces at a time, so that's always a plus.  I only eat when I'm hungry and I try so very hard to stay away from the grazing.  I fell into that trap early on and realized what I was doing and stopped early on as well.  I always pick the better choices when I have to.  I really don't do fried or greasy anything and I swear I don't feel like I have missed anything, hell it's not like I haven't had it all before....LMAO.  I do however, still drink my wine.  I don't think I am giving that up.  Hell, I was doing it before surgery.  I love a nice glass of wine every now and then, more now than then, but it to is in moderation.  I still lurk on this site every freakin' day, can't help it a true habit.  I enjoy seeing all the pictures and reading the success stories.  In a world full of media and bad news, it's good to read happy things.  There’s not much else going on in my life.  O, btw I am going home in two weeks for my mother's birthday and my nephew's graduation.  Going home is always a happy time, because everyone tells me how great I look, lmao.  Sometimes you need that to help you realize you have come a long way and you do look okay.  So, I will post pictures then.  I have posted my 2 year measurements, which is another reason I know I have lost and that my body is comfortable at this size, I haven't moved in inches in 6 months.  I think I am at my end as far as losing and I AM HAPPY WITH IT!!  I think that is pretty much it.  My life is truly on autopilot as I always say.  Also, I am always on facebook, so look for me there too.  So, with that being said, as always, until next time, be safe, love yourself and keep smiling. Most of all keep LOSING!!! 
N b4 Surgery   6 mos later       1 Yr Later         18 mos. Later    2 Yrs Later
Neck:   15”       Neck:  13.5”      Neck:  12.5”      Neck:  12.5”      Neck:  12.5
Brt:  45”40C     Brt:  39”38B     Brt:  36”36B     Brt:  35” 36A    Brt:  35” 36A
L. Arm:  18”       L. Arm:  14”       L. Arm:  13”       L. Arm:  12.5     L. Arm:  12.5”
Waist:  49”       Waist:  36.5”    Waist:  35”       Waist:  33”       Waist:  33”
Hips:    49”       Hips:  41.5”       Hips:  40”         Hips:  38”         Hips:  38”
L. Thigh: 25.5”  L. Thigh:  23.5” L. Thigh:  23”    L. Thigh:  21”    L. Thigh:  21”
R. Thigh: 25.5”  R. Thigh:  23.5  R. Thigh: 23”     R. Thigh:  21”    R. Thigh:  21”
L. Calf:  19”      L. Calf:  17”      L. Calf:  17”       L. Calf:  16”      L. Calf:  15”
R. Calf:  19”      R. Calf: 17"       R. Calf:  16”      R. Calf:  15.5”   R. Calf:  15”
R. Arm:  ?         R. Arm:  14”       R. Arm:  13”       R. Arm:  12.5”    R. Arm:  12.5”
Sz:  Tight 20   Sz:  Loose 14    Sz:  10/12         Sz:  10              Sz:  10/8


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