It has been quite awhile since I have updated my file. A lot has happened in the past months. I have finally completed all of the tests required and gotten a CPAP. Daily that is getting better. I am manageing about 6 hours a night now and have had it only a week. My husband and I met with Dr. Hiles this past week and set Jan 9th for my surgery. He was wonderful about waiting until after the holidays so I could visit family in Ohio who are in their 80's and 90's. I already had my plane ticket. What a nice Doc. The more I talk to him the better I feel about this whole process. In the meantime I have started Atkins. Can't say I am enjoying it. Never have been a meat person and can't tollerate red meat. Haven't had any for over three years now because of reflux so my options are limited but I am making do. I am sure I will figure out more variety as I go along. I do enjoy the salad everyday. The thing I miss most is fruit. I compensate with sugarfree jello but it is just not the same.

I went to Alaska to visit my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren in August and September and had a wonderful time. My son-in-law has since gone on to Baghdad. We are lucky to be near Bragg as he can call us through post free of charge so we hear from him every two weeks or so and can know he is safe and well. I managed the trip better than I expected. All that walking before I left paid off.

That is if for now. Wish me well on the 9th. For now it is off to see the famiy. Stay on the Atkins through the holidays and get off all I can so Dr. Hiles will have the best to work with I can give him. I am as excited as I can be to be on the road to good health. I hope in another year to be free of the 11 different pills I take on a daily basis now. Wouldn't that be a blessing.

Good Luck to all of you who are taking on this journey with me.

November 30th 2006

I went for my monthly weigh-in with Jasmine at the Bariatric Clinic at Womack and I lost another 7lbs. so I am pleased with that. That puts me at 23.4 since I started this journey. Maybe I can manage another 10-15 before surgery. I am feeling pretty good these days except for my left foot. I got a cortisone shot in it on Tues. which seems to have helped some. Did a lot of walking today and am paying for it tonight but I really want to get back to the walking so I will be ready for surgery. I think I pushed too hard today and tomorrow I will back off just a bit. Too anxious I guess. I am seriously thinking of adding Health Plex to my exercise regimine. I asked Dr. Charya for a script and am going to investigate what they have to offer.  If anyone out there reads this and is a memeber and would like to share with me please do. Tomorrow is December 1st. We are fast approaching the holidays. I have one more weigh-in before I fly off to Ohio. I will try to keep up with another note before I leave. Just in case I don't have time

Merry Christmas to all.

God Bless,


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