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Nov 30, 2021

Please share some love and insights.


This is revision weight loss surgery journey. I initial had my gastric surgery in 2001..lost over 118lbs. 15 years into it with amazing success, i found out that i can eat a little bit more, and that is where the challenge began..... i gained 60 pounds back and currently weigh 240lbs. My knees, back, and chest bothers me. I was exercising but developed this nagging foot pain thus was diagonsed with plantar fascititis which is a heel pain and stiffness in the morning and it gets worse as the day progress especially climbing stairs, standing on my toes, or using the treadmill... so i stopped. I saw 3 podiatrist who gave injections , gave shoe insole but it did not work.  Thinking back when i lost the weight. I could run, stand , dance, and have no shortness of breathe. I am so miserable with this pain that I am living with and i am so determined embark on this journey. Which is not an easy way out....(I dont know why some think it is)


Have my consultation in Princeton Next week and I am so excited and can wait for the steps ahead!



Show some love and Insights y'all? Any New Jersey resident in the house? Any revision surgery candidate? Anyone ? lets do this!


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Nov 30, 2021
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