One-year post-op appointment with my surgeon

Feb 18, 2009

Yesterday was my yearly check-up and everything is going well.  Stalling on the weight loss, but my bloodwork all came back just fine.  Getting everything that I need, so all is good there!  I asked him about my stall and he said that I am simply eating too much.  I have to remind myself to do NO snacking (protein bars, few s/f cookies) and to eat 3 small meals a day and walk away from the table after 15 minutes of eating.  Otherwise, we have the tendancy to let our pouch loosen up and we will give ourselves the chance to eat just a little bit more.  I haven't done a whole lot of wrong-doing, but on a slight occasion I might have had a couple sugar free cookies for a snack, etc.  Maybe I can jump-start myself to loose that last 20 lbs before Memorial Day.  That is a temporary goal I am setting for myself.  That is the time my fiance will be home from Iraq on R&R.  If I don't get there, then surely by the end of summer.  The weather will surely guide me to get it done by then, too!  We all know the more we loose, the harder it is to loose those few last pounds...ugh!!

Thanks for checking in on me and I hope everyone is doing well!

~ Amber

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