I am a 41 year old obese woman.  My current weight is 294 lbs.  Until the age of six I was a stick thin kid.  In the first grade, I just kinda blew up!  By the second grade I was wearing a bra and the largest kid in class.  I went through all of grade school being picked on and called a horrible nickname.  Freshman year of high school, I was 186 lbs, and determined to change that number.  So, began my cycle of crash dieting.  Through the remainder of h.s. I was about 135 lbs, but I starved myself to do it.  I was popular though, so who cares, right?  Wrong.  After school, I began to gain weight and by age 21 ish I was my heaviest, 340 lbs.  I hated myself.  Starved and exercised to extremes and lost 140 lbs.   Once I stopped starving and excersising like a fiend, the weight came back.   And again I weighed 300 lbs.   Fast forward to a few years later and I meet a guy.  Starvation and extreme exercising begin again and I'm 176 lbs.  I loved myself then.  Still overweight but happy.  The relationship didn't work out, but I did find my now husband, who suprisingly loves me now matter how much I weigh.  He's loved me at 176 lbs and he still loves me at 294 lbs.  Problem is, I don't love me!  I have NEVER loved me, except when I was thinner.  My health is suffering.  I have arthritis in my lower back and hips.  Asthma, fertility problems and a family history of diabetes and heart disease.  I have to take this step, to insure that I'll be around to love the man who loves ALL of me....for a very long time.

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