Hi! I have been overweight and/or obese for years and years and years. I, like many of you, have tried many "diets" or "programs". I came to this site in January of '07 while I was looking into bypass surgery. I figured my insurance, CIGNA, would never go for it, and, I must admit, I was a bit chicken about the whole thing. A year later, I started to look into the lapband surgery, and I decided that's what would be right for me. 

I have been to the informational meeting at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, had my bloodwork done, had my psych evaluation, met with a nutrionalist and all of the other fun things one must go through prior to even submitting a "pre-approval request" to CIGNA. Finally, after jumping through a few more hoops, I have been approved. 

I have to schedule my surgery still, but I will be taking care of that this week. 

I come to this site every night and I am so appreciative of the member boards. People are so open and honest....it's great to have all of this information and support.

I plan to update my 'blog' in the hope that my experience might help someone else who is 'on the fence'.

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